Beauty Routine: Be Your Best During the Holidays! –

Beauty Routine: Be Your Best During the Holidays!


We all have our own beauty routines and use certain creams and lotions that are specifically adapted to our imperfections in order to feel resplendent. Now that our Holiday break is coming, we’d all like to be our best selves and not having to worry about our hair or skin. That’s why we’ve created this 5 steps daily beauty routine that you can start right now for impressive results in only a few days.


1. Nice white teeth
Ah, white teeth! A huge fight between our morning coffee, red wine and our conscience. If we don’t want to make any compromises foodwise, we need to start using efficient whitening tools like the new Optic White products by Colgate. Toothbrush with integrated whitening pen, toothpaste that even whitens under the enamel and foaming mouthwash that cleanses everything, even the areas that are hard to reach. This is the trio you’ll need for a nice smile.

Toothbrush with whitening pen, toothpaste and mouthwash by Optic White, $15.99, $4.99 and $8.29 in drugstores.

2. For glowing eyes
Although there are a ton of products that fight under eye circles and wrinkles on the market, here is one that has a little something special. Shiseido has already won its place in our makeup drawers, but its new Bio Performance Glow Revival eye cream impressed us once again. This product targets the microcapillaries of the skin to give it its shine and flexibility back. Also, if you apply it using the traditional kassa massaging technique, a technique that has been used in Asia for over 2500 years, the results will be improved. The product has a chart that explains the technique in the instructions.

Bio Performance Glow Revival eye cream by Shiseido, $78 at Sephora and online. 

3. For fuller lips
A two-in-one serum that makes lips fuller and smoother, that’s what we like, but also because its effect can be felt right after the application. On top of that, this product targets the wrinkles that are rarely talked about in the beauty industry: the smoker’s wrinkles. This might be a favourite of many!

Pepti Collagen Lip & Contour by Karine Joncas, $35 online and in certain retailers. 

4. Peach skin
Because after treating our skin so well, we want it to stay that way. For that, you need to use makeup products that are good for the skin. Yes, they exist! The brand Colorescience offers a line of various different products, like a sunscreen that contains ingredients that are good for your skin in each bottle. Even stars use it! Smooth skin without compromising.

Colorescience Mini set, $29 online.

5. Energy for days
To end our routine, we’re leaving the beauty products behind. By adding to our daily orange juice a dose of Super Energex, we guarantee you that your energy will be sustained during the whole day. Less fatigue will make your face radiant and glowing!

Adrien Gagnon Super Energex, $19.99 for 50 ampoules in drugstores.

Bonus: Bye bye dull hair
Whether it’s for a new hairdo or simply to enhance your natural colour, the semi-permanent dye Natural Instincts by Clairol is what you need. I can already hear you say that drugstore hair dye will never be as good as a salon dye, but you’re wrong! Even Denis Binet, the expert of coloration said that it was simply a myth. This one, made without ammonia and formulated with aloe, vitamin E and coconut oil, will keep your new (or enhanced!) hair colour for around 28 washes. The best part? Because it’s semi-permanent, the colour will fade after each wash, which gives you a new hairdo every week!

Semi-permanent hair dye Natural Instincts by Clairo, $8,99 in drugstores. 

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