Boxing Day: 5 Tips to Shop Like a Pro!


The Holiday shopping marathon is well under way for many bargain hunters. With the various incredible deals offered by retailers, Boxing Day is a Canadian holiday classic. Before you set out in search of bargains, here are some tips from our friends at PJ Shopwise to help you find the best deals without getting overwhelmed.

  1. Shop in advance

Before you head out to the stores on D-day, it’s recommended to do a little research on the Web to find out the actual prices of items. It’s then easier to determine if the advertised special really is a worthwhile deal.


  1. Go shopping—virtually!

Online bargain hunting seems to be the solution to escape interminable lineups. It’s a quick and efficient way to compare what’s available from various online retailers. Plus you’ll avoid complex itineraries and frustrating traffic jams. Some mobile apps allow consumers to shop for various deals, find retailers and identify deals closest to them, which is great when delivery is not an option.

  1. Shop for the right things

Although most retailers offer discounts of up to 70% on Boxing Day, not all items are marked down right away. That’s why it’s preferable to focus on merchandise that is likely to be discounted and hold off on other purchases until a more opportune time. There are often great after-Christmas sales on outdoor sports accessories, electronics, video games and consoles, as well as clothing. Another tip to save time and money is to create a wish list on a mobile application. It is the best way to keep track of the must have items.

  1. Sign up for newsletters

Newsletters can offer some valuable privileges. Among other things, they give their subscribers advance notice of upcoming sales and VIP invitations to promotional events. Another good way to stay informed is to receive personalized alert directly on smartphones.

  1. Team up with the right allies

Whether it’s for online bargain hunting, keeping track of must have items or to find a nearby merchant, YP Shopwise offers all kinds of possibilities.  It allows to shop smarter, to save time and money. The app also lets you check out offers from merchants that don’t have online shopping sites, and it’s a great way to encourage local shopping. It also offers a great gift selection for same day delivery, which is perfect for all the last minute shoppers.

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