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Bundle up: our favorite winter outfits for the Canadian cold


‘Dress warmly’ in Canada doesn’t mean to layer a sweater with a stylishly opened coat – we wish! Here, we bundle up from head to toe in the bulkiest, warmest knits and outerwear we can find, and sometimes, it’s not the most fashionable look. Are you a Canadian divinista looking to mix your personal style and (actually) warm clothing? Us too! Take a look at our favorite winter looks, taken straight from the ‘Gram.

This stunning all-white look is cozy and stylish — and the tuque (and dog) is adorable. If you’re from somewhere colder, make sure to zip up your coat and opt for a shorter option so that your boots can shine.

The stunning touch of blue is a beautiful pop of color for dark, gray winters. If the wool jacket doesn’t keep you warm enough, make sure to purchase one that is doubled on the inside.

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For our divinistas in Montreal who have suffered through the freezing days that just passed by, opt for an all black look on casual days. A puffier winter coat pairs well with a tight thermal shirt underneath and a matching tuque!

We’re going to be trying out this one! On days where the weather is by your side, take the plunge with a lighter and shorter jacket and instead throw on a blanket scarf to create the look of a cape. That’ll make for a pretty Instagram picture too!

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Taking the weekend off for a winter getaway? Hiking, skiing… Just remember to dress up warm! A winter vest and workout leggings are a stylish combo for a sporty weekend.

Puffer jackets are in this season, and they’re a great way to combine warmth and style. Style them with tighter pants to create depth in your look — and they look stunning with leather. And that touch of blue? Wow!

If you feel boring in a simple winter coat, use accessories to spice it up. A structured bag, a loose beanie, and stylish sunglasses are enough to do the trick.

A leather biker jacket with lined fur inside is an edgy alternative for a larger, unfitted winter coat. Pair it with mittens and a matching tuque for a clean and warm look and you’re ready to go!

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