“Bunny Yoga” Is a Thing and It’s Incredibly Cute!


Yes,”bunny yog” classes are a thing! The Sunberry fitness studio, located in Richmond BC, have partnered up with a local rabbit rescue centre, Bandaids for Bunnies, to offer yoga classes surrounded by some fluffy friends, all in the name of a good cause. In fact, all proceeds from the event go to the foundation.

The studio recently held their second bunny yoga class, which sold out in 3 days! The next class is scheduled for some time in the spring. According to owner Julia Zu, “they like to choose their human.” The bunnies seem to be a fan of the mats as well!

”Multiple studies proved the benefits of yoga. However, none have been conducted on the perks of having bunnies in a yoga class. I’m no researcher, but I can pretty much guarantee that having little fluffy bunnies hopping around while stretching would definitely increase your level of happiness!”

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