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Browse hundreds of interesting and informative articles on health, yoga, relaxation, stress relief, overall well-being and disease prevention, from the common cold and flu to breast cancer and osteoporosis.
[photo]-4 Positions to Boost  Your Sex Life

4 Positions to Boost Your Sex Life

Try these refreshing poses this spring! Spring really played hard-to-get this year. But it’s here (at last!), and nature is slowly awakening… as are our senses. The warmer weather means we can finally shed our multiple layers of clothing,... Read >>
[photo]- Radiant Orchid Home Décor Finds

Radiant Orchid Home Décor Finds

7 ways to decorate with Pantone’s Color of the Year 2014 The arrival of spring has renewed our fascination with Pantone’s Color of the Year 2014. A charming mix of purple and fuchsia, Radiant Orchid is a warm yet refreshing hue that begs... Read >>
[photo]-New Fragrances: The Smell of Summer

New Fragrances: The Smell of Summer

Travel for your senses If only technology allowed us to give you a whiff of what’s in this article! We got particularly excited while preparing our seasonal roundup of fragrances this time around. Yes, we were left aching to go lie down on a beach... Read >>
[photo]-We ♥: Easter Goodies

We ♥: Easter Goodies

Easter is on its way, and it’s always a lovely opportunity to get together with family, either for a meal or an egg hunt for the younger set. Here, we’re showcasing a few fun (and pastel-coloured!) finds, whether to eat or simply... Read >>
[photo]-We ♥: Spring Accessories Under $30

We ♥: Spring Accessories Under $30

10 wallet-friendly fashion finds We love treating ourselves to new accessories each season, which is why we’re proposing a few new finds, each under $30… this is certainly good news for your budget! What we won’t tell sweetie, however,... Read >>
[photo]-Want a Low Mortgage Rate this Spring? You Better Act Fast!

Want a Low Mortgage Rate this Spring? You Better Act Fast!

On the hunt for a new home this season? You’re not alone: April through August mark the busiest home buying conditions in Canada, and for a number of reasons. Nicer weather lures home shoppers to open houses in droves, and the slower summer break... Read >>
[photo]-Health Benefits of Eggs

Health Benefits of Eggs

Enjoying them during breakfast + beyond! Eggs: they’re a tasty breakfast option, and a versatile ingredient when it comes to cooking and baking. But are they healthy? That’s the question many people tend to ask themselves, so we spoke with... Read >>
[photo]-Is it Love or Spring Fever?

Is it Love or Spring Fever?

When good weather brings out bad behaviour Over the centuries, poets, songwriters and lovelorn teens have weighed in on this silly season that has people coming down with spring fever the minute the weather changes, the days get longer and the skirts... Read >>
[photo]-The Joys of Motherhood

The Joys of Motherhood

9 moms share their most favourite memories It’s the moment that becomes more memorable than them all, taking precedence over a magical vacation or a marriage proposal from our sweetie. And even when we make that big decision to create a new... Read >>
[photo]-Heading to Coachella? Forget Heels, But <i>Do</i> Pack a Bikini Top

Heading to Coachella? Forget Heels, But Do Pack a Bikini Top

After South by SouthWest (SXSW), audiophiles are gearing up for the two-weekend extravaganza that is the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival. While music is the main attraction, style isn’t far behind. And in Coachella Valley’s sweltering... Read >>
[photo]-10 Terrific Tees

10 Terrific Tees

Cozy tops for the warmer months Sporting a tee: it doesn’t have to mean you’re slumming it! On the contrary, while we love wearing t-shirts on our laziest of days, they can also be dressed-up, paired with a cute pair of boyfriend jeans and... Read >>
[photo]-Photography for a Cause

Photography for a Cause

The making of Protecting Our Tomorrows: Portraits of Meningoccocal Disease The month of April marks the time of the year when the snow begins to melts, flowers start to bloom, and smiling becomes contagious. April is also the month during which one... Read >>
[photo]-New Kitchen Gadgets

New Kitchen Gadgets

3 essentials to eat and drink happy! We love updating our home, whether it’s the living room or the bedroom; a new accessory or toy can make all the difference in our enjoyment of the space. And even in the kitchen, when a new gadget comes to... Read >>
[photo]-Interview with a Perfumer

Interview with a Perfumer

Our Q+A with Bruno Jovanovic for Calvin Klein This spring, Calvin Klein launched its most recent interpretation of euphoria, a fragrance that is all about seduction. Introducing endless euphoria, a delicious hint of summer, which smells light and... Read >>
[photo]-Are Canadian Homes Becoming More Affordable?

Are Canadian Homes Becoming More Affordable?

Plus: where does your city stand? It’s been an undisputed fact that the Canadian housing market is steeply priced. Saving up for even a minimum down payment can take years, and prices tick steadily higher each year: he Canadian Real Estate Association... Read >>
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