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Browse hundreds of interesting and informative articles on health, yoga, relaxation, stress relief, overall well-being and disease prevention, from the common cold and flu to breast cancer and osteoporosis.

[photo]-Fashion: 5 Seasonal Must-Haves

Fashion: 5 Seasonal Must-Haves

Stacy London’s favourite finds The fall-winter season is often synonymous with big wraps, thick fabrics and dark, neutral hues. How can you keep smiling all season long? We had a chat with stylist Stacy London, and she shared with us her favourite... Read >>
[photo]-We ♥: Inspiring Holiday Décor

We ♥: Inspiring Holiday Décor

Our Pinterest finds + a few shopping suggestions Ah, the holidays... The occasion to spend more time with family and to visit with friends you only see a few times per year. And if it’s your turn to receive guests this season, here are our inspirations... Read >>
[photo]-The “It” Fragrances of the Moment

The “It” Fragrances of the Moment

The scent of prestige When we hear them, the names conjure up something powerful in our soul. Balenciaga, Chloé, Burberry and Dolce, not to mention Gabbana; we want to know everything, see everything, and of course, smell everything. Here’s... Read >>
[photo]-Staff Holiday Wish List: Vicki

Staff Holiday Wish List: Vicki

A mix of style + pop culture Great music, some binge-watching on TV, a good book… It’s the simple things that sometimes offer the most joy. Vicki’s wish list includes lots of pop culture essentials, and some added style, as well! 1.... Read >>
[photo]-Staff Holiday Wish List: Salia

Staff Holiday Wish List: Salia

7 must-haves for the ultimate in R&R A warm cup of tea, a good movie, leafing through a favourite magazine… This winter, it’s all about rest and relaxation. And for Salia, she sure wants to treat herself to the fullest! 1. TinHouse... Read >>
[photo]-Staff Holiday Wish List: Marie-Andrée

Staff Holiday Wish List: Marie-Andrée

Sequined comfort Lighthearted, this is the spirit in which I find myself this season. This year, I have a weakness for something comforting, but with a little added sparkle. Here are a few of those little somethings, sometimes colourful yet always... Read >>
[photo]-Staff Holiday Wish List: Véronique

Staff Holiday Wish List: Véronique

Festive's always in fashion The joy of spending quality time with family and friends, the pleasure of finding THE perfect gift for those we love. But when the eternal question is asked—"What would you like for Christmas?”—it’s... Read >>
[photo]-Staff Holiday Wish List: Marie-Pier

Staff Holiday Wish List: Marie-Pier

Paint it black This season, we’re going back to black! We’ve got cats, colourful lipstick, a bit of technology, and accessories that pack of punch. In short, this is what’s on Marie-Pier’s wish list. 1. H&M Woven Top,... Read >>
[photo]-Staff Holiday Wish List: Caroline

Staff Holiday Wish List: Caroline

Simple yet elegant In my opinion, receiving a gift is, above all else, a luxury, a thoughtful gesture meant to make one feel special during the holidays. Unwrapping, discovering, appreciating a gift: it’s quite fashionable. So since we’re... Read >>
[photo]-Staff Holiday Wish List: Isabelle

Staff Holiday Wish List: Isabelle

An urbanite’s essentials Blend girly with classic, and you’ve got a slew of modern finds that a city girl like Isabelle is sure to love receiving as a gift this year. What does she hope to find under her tree this holiday season? Check... Read >>
[photo]-Gifts for the Beauty Junkie

Gifts for the Beauty Junkie

7 finds to look sublime from head to toe Is there someone on your list who’s on top of all the hottest beauty trends and whose vanity table is brimming with makeup and skincare products? If so, know that any self-respecting beautista will adore... Read >>
[photo]-Gift Ideas for the Fashionista

Gift Ideas for the Fashionista

7 essentials, 100% stylish Your best friend, mom or sister: do they think themselves true fashionistas? Here’s our list of stylish suggestions; we’re sure there’s something here she’ll love! Undoubtedly, she’ll be pleasantly... Read >>
[photo]-7 Gift Ideas for Him

7 Gift Ideas for Him

Treat your man with these great finds When Christmas rolls around and you can (finally!) find out what’s sitting underneath the tree, you really hope your sweetie will be doing lots of oohing and ahhing when he opens his present. So let’s... Read >>
[photo]-7 Luxe Gift Suggestions

7 Luxe Gift Suggestions

Essentials for those with a taste for the finer things in life The most chic of holiday gift suggestions reside here. For her and perhaps him, we’ve found these essentials with numerous zeros, which will make any kitchen or wardrobe shine. With... Read >>
[photo]-Great Gift Ideas Under $20

Great Gift Ideas Under $20

7 finds for the budget-minded Who says great gifts come at a high cost? We think you can find awesome presents at any price! So whether it’s for the annual office gift exchange, a stocking stuffer, or simply Christmas on a budget, here are seven... Read >>
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