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Browse hundreds of interesting and informative articles on health, yoga, relaxation, stress relief, overall well-being and disease prevention, from the common cold and flu to breast cancer and osteoporosis.
[photo]-New in Beauty: Hair Removal Creams

New in Beauty: Hair Removal Creams

Out with laser treatments, in with topical creams! Hair: some like to show a bit of it, while others prefer a more natural look. But what most women tend to want is to eliminate any sign of body hair altogether. Although trends used to favour more prominent... Read >>
[photo]-Summer Trends to Stay for Fall

Summer Trends to Stay for Fall

10 seasonal pieces you can wear in autumn Cooler temperatures and falling leaves… yes, autumn is on its way! This means we’ll soon be hitting the shops to update our fall wardrobe. But, wait: some key pieces may already be hanging in the... Read >>
[photo]-All About Raw Juice

All About Raw Juice

The benefits and limits Juice cleanses and other liquid diets have popularized raw juice, the liquid that flows from juice extractors. Whether you’ve jumped on the bandwagon in order to shed a few pounds, for health reasons, or by pure pleasure... Read >>
[photo]-Our Favourite Sex Positons

Our Favourite Sex Positons

10 poses to try tonight Did you know? has an entire repertoire of sex positions for you to attempt with sweetie! So we thought we’d present a few of our favourites, that will surely spice up your date night at home. Whether it’s... Read >>
[photo]-What to Watch on Your Labour Day Camping Trip

What to Watch on Your Labour Day Camping Trip

Roughing it has gone digital! With some of Canada’s National Parks now boasting free wireless Internet access—with many more to come in the next few years—it’s the perfect opportunity to bring along your tablet and partake in... Read >>
[photo]-The Secret to Beautiful Breasts

The Secret to Beautiful Breasts

Tips + products to keep the girls in top shape When it comes to skincare, most of us focus on our face: scrub, cleansers, serums, moisturizers—we’ve got no shortage of products and knowledge on how to look our best. Sure, we moisturize our... Read >>
[photo]-High Heels: Friend or Foe to Femininity?

High Heels: Friend or Foe to Femininity?

Taming “the beast” Often viewed as much more than a simple fashion accessory, shoes really say a lot about the person wearing them. Like a piece of anthropology, they can be an indication of their wearer’s social and economic standing,... Read >>
[photo]-Ultimate Wellness Guide

Ultimate Wellness Guide

How to find balance in your life Whatever the time of year, it’s a good opportunity to pause and take stock of ourselves, where we try to find a balance in all spheres of our lives, both professionally and personally. This can be done by eating... Read >>
[photo]-4 Secrets to a More Intense Orgasm

4 Secrets to a More Intense Orgasm

Did you know… The word “orgasm” comes from the Greek orgân, which means to swell, or to become ripe. A pretty accurate description, don’t you think? One thing is for certain: the concept of orgasms is intriguing, fascinating,... Read >>
[photo]-We ♥: Fun + Practical Gadgets

We ♥: Fun + Practical Gadgets

7 finds to simplify your life  Gadgets that tend to make our lives easier: we sure love ‘em! Whether it’s for the home, the car or the kids, we’ve found a few fun tech toys that will come in handy on your day-to-day. We particularly... Read >>
[photo]-Fragrance for Him: Nautica Life

Fragrance for Him: Nautica Life

Escape in a bottle Nautica is launching its new fragrance for men, Nautica Life. The juice reflects the brand’s nautical heritage, like the ones that precede it. But this time, the fragrance is particularly invigorating. And have you seen the... Read >>
[photo]-Why Wonder Woman’s New Costume Is a Win

Why Wonder Woman’s New Costume Is a Win

Two weeks ago at San Diego Comic-Con, fans caught a glimpse of Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman in a spanking new costume from the forthcoming film, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Sure, Gadot’s uniform is a far cry from Lynda Carter’s star-spangled... Read >>
[photo]-We ♥: Fun Condoms

We ♥: Fun Condoms

7 finds made for him + get our seal of approval!  Last week, we showed off our must-have sex toys. This time, we’re slipping condoms on for size!  Because we must admit, not only do they have to be affordable and able to add a bit of... Read >>
[photo]-The Low-Down on Travel Insurance

The Low-Down on Travel Insurance

Why coverage for your vacay matters We still have a whole month of summer left, and that means there’s still time to book yourself a well-deserved vacation. But don’t forget to think about travel insurance! Some people may choose to neglect... Read >>
[photo]-What’s New in Nails

What’s New in Nails

Trendy shades for your tips you can try now It’s been a while since we’ve given you any news on the wonderful world of nails. Below are the trends to keep an eye out for this fall, which are already available in stores!   Easy-peasy... Read >>
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