5 Reasons Why Cactus Water is the New Super Drink



Until recently, stars and models swore by it. Of course, we were all sucked into the trend as well! Coconut water has found its way in our stomaches (and in our hearts), but it seems that our beloved exotic water has a rival now. Yes, another plant-based fluid is everywhere on our Instagram feeds; cactus water. Will it be THE drink of 2016?

1. It’s full of antioxidants
Cactus water (called nopal) comes from the Mexican prickly pear and is full of betalaines, a very powerful and rare antioxidant pigment. These are great in revitalizing the skin and give it a glowing effect, all the while attacking signs of aging and even dark circles!

2. It lowers cholesterol
Researches have found that cactus oil has the capacity of lowering blood cholesterol level. Its nectar rich in soluble fibers actually slows down the body’s lipids absorption.

3. It tastes delicious
We all know how important it is to be well hydrated. Water is good, but let’s be honest, it can become boring really fast. Cactus water is a great alternative to keep yourself hydrated, with its sweet (berry-like) and fresh taste.


4. It helps with digestive problems
Prickly pears are known for being powerful antidiarreals. The water we collect from it efficiently helps intestinal pains and even prevents gastric ulcers by creating a layer around the stomach, protecting it from irritating acids.

5. Helps with hangovers
Did you have a more-than-fun night? Cactus water helps with bad hangovers! Actually, prickly pear juice contributes to diminishing liver inflammation caused by excessive alcohol by significantly reducing the displeasing effects like nausea, dry mouths and loss of appetite.

So, will you try it?

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