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4 Fun Ways to Celebrate International Women’s Day


WOMEN_INTERNALOriginally, International Women’s Day was an occasion to commemorate the work-related battles fought by women in the early 20th century. These women demanded better work conditions, to have the right to vote and gender equality in the workplace.

Nowadays, the holiday is symbolic of our position as women in society, and of how far we have come. March 8th is also a great opportunity to raise funds for causes having to do exclusively with women, such as the fight against breast cancer.

Why not take the day to celebrate it with friends, or the important women in your family? Here are a few ideas put together by divine.ca to make the day a memorable one.

Girls Breakfast Out
Start the day by going out to breakfast together before work. Enjoying interesting conversation with women you appreciate while eating a tasty crêpe and sipping a mimosa are an excellent way to start off the day. Many breakfast places have an “early bird” menu starting at less than $5 a meal, which makes it easy to eat out without breaking the bank!

Greeting Card Exchange
It’s really easy to choose, personalize and send beautiful (and non-tacky!) e-cards to the women in your life. International Women’s Day is the perfect occasion to point out their qualities, success, or simply let them know how much you appreciate them. Who knows, your nice gesture could become contagious, meaning more and more women will be receiving e-cards that day!

Beauty Break
Why not get a beauty product representative to come to your home to show you the latest trends in makeup and skin care? It’s a great way to have fun with your friends, or your mom and aunts!

Women’s Day Potluck
International Women’s Day can also be celebrated by planning a potluck: each person brings a dish that she has prepared using her favourite personal recipe and shares it with everyone else. If Don’t worry, even if cooking just isn’t your “thing”, you can always browse through our Recipe Finder for some inspiration!

In case you were wondering…
-Women’s Day has been observed since the early 1900s, after 15,000 women marched through New York City in 1908 demanding better working conditions.

-1975 was designated as International Women’s Year by the United Nations.

-International Women’s Day is now celebrated in countries across the globe annually on March 8th.

Happy International Women’s Day to all divine.ca readers!

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