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Why short hair will reign this season
Some of us may often joke, when the hot summer sun starts to shine, that we simply want to chop all our hair off. Well, this season, shorter ‘dos are in, so it may be time to follow up on that threat! We spoke with celebrity hair stylist and Herbal Essences spokesperson Charles Baker Strahan about the brand’s new Wild Naturals collection—a line of products using Cassia, a protein-rich shrub hand-harvested in India after monsoon season—and which stars are presently rocking the short hair.

Short hair with a dose of authenticity
For many women, long hair is more than simply a look; it symbolizes their femininity. However, Strahan urges to dispel that myth, saying that short hair can actually “heighten femininity” and be more “authentic”. How so?

There is “so much artifice added to long hair” (hair extensions and the like), whereas “the action of simple lifting the hair off the shoulders can change [a woman’s] physicality, and give the face a lift,” he continues. Short hair can thus definitely impact the silhouette, creating a separation between the head, neck, and shoulders, he tells us.

Strahan also recommends the new Wild Naturals products for short hair as they have a lightweight quality to them that offer touchability, as well. “The oil elixir,” he cites as an example, “helps prevent frizz and [creates a] slick hair without making it look wet.” You don’t want crispy, crunchy strands that normally come with a mousse or hairspray, after all!


From left to right: Herbal Essences Wild Naturals Detoxifying Shampoo ($9.49), Detoxifying Conditioner ($9.49), Intensive Treatment ($11.99), Dry Oil Spray ($11.99), and Oil Elixir ($11.99).

Star style
Long hair is always going to be around, Strahan points out, but there has been a good amount of shorter hairstyles and looks that have been coming into play. Especially in Hollywood. From Kendall Jenner’s ‘90s-inspired shorter hair to Kristen Stewart’s wild and natural ‘do in her recent CHANEL ads, many stars are seeming to chop of their locks. A few of Strahan’s favourites include:

“Tiffany Dupont [from the former television series, Greek] had massive hair, and she just cut [it] in a pixie and brought it up. She has a small face but big features, and short hair enhances and strengthens them up, and her femininity is heightened with it.”


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“Lily Collins has thick brows, and the short hair helps soften her. The brow is a strong[er] character when compared to long hair.”

Glittered, Glammed, and Grateful…

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