Chia Seed Benefits + Tips –

Chia Seed Benefits + Tips


Why and how to add this nutritious seed to your diet

Chances are, when you read the word “chia”, you hear that catchy little Chia Pet jingle in your head. Yes, this article is about chia; but we’re more interested in sharing the benefits of incorporating this potent seed into your diet than discussing terracotta figurines. Here, we’ve got five impressive nutrition facts about chia seeds, and some easy ways to include them in your diet.

Chia is high in omega-3 acids, which are not produced by the body, yet play an essential role in brain function as well as your overall health.

Chia helps with digestion: the seeds are high in fibre, and they form a gel-like substance when mixed with liquids, that cleans things up as it moves through your body.

Chia is high in protein—20%, actually. It’s a great substitute for meat, and doesn’t contain any cholesterol.

Chia contains loads of calcium. Its calcium content is higher than milk! This makes it an essential in caring for your teeth and bones.

Chia is also a good source of antioxidants. According to the authors of the book You Staying Young, the antioxidant activity of the seeds is greater than any other whole food.

Easy ways to add chia to your diet
Chia seeds can be eaten whole; you don’t need to grind them for their nutrients to be available to your body (like you would flaxseed, for example).
  • -Sprinkle some on your salad.
  • They’re a healthy substitute for cornstarch in recipes, thanks to their thickening properties.
  • Use them as a topping for your cereal, oatmeal or yogurt in the morning.
  • Why not add some to your favourite smoothie?
  • One tablespoon of chia and six of water can be used to replace one large egg in recipes.
  • Combine some chia seeds with flavoured or unflavoured coconut or almond milk to create a healthy pudding. It’s even tastier if you add cut-up fruit!

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