Choosing a Group Fitness Class

Navigating the vast offerings at the gym
We all know the importance of exercising to stay in shape, but doing the gym thing on their own is not for everyone. Signing up for a group class at your nearest fitness club can be a great way to stay motivated and socialize, too! There is definitely a class to suit the tastes and goals of each person; but to help you navigate the sometimes dauntingly vast offerings, here is an overview of some of the basic types out there.
Dance aerobics
What? Classes where you do a series of choreographed moves to music that will get your heart pumping.
Perfect if… Your idea of the perfect workout is going to class to dance around and have fun without ever worrying about which muscle you’re working. Note: previous dance experience often helps in understanding the moves quickly, but is not required or necessary since there is usually an instructor present to lead the class.
Examples: Zumba, hip-hop, belly dancing, Latin dance, Batuka
What? Class where you cycle on a stationary bike in a group, for a cardio-intensive and muscle-toning workout. There is often special lighting and music to keep you motivated!
Perfect if… You love cycling (you can even do it in winter!) and high-intensity workouts!
Examples: spinning, cy-yo
Kickboxing workouts
What? Classes that use traditional fighting moves (punching, kicking) to keep you in shape, without actually requiring you to fight someone.
Perfect if… You’ve always been attracted by martial arts or boxing.
Examples: aerobic kickboxing, cardio kickboxing, Tae Bo
Fitness boot camps
What? Programs that are high intensity and usually led with a military-style approach in order to push you to get in shape.
Perfect if… You are motivated by the idea of someone really drilling you to get moving.
Examples: kettlebell fitness boot camp, boxing boot camp, or other boot camps that focus on one more prominent type of exercise

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