Choosing a Vacuum Cleaner –

Choosing a Vacuum Cleaner

There are many different models and brands of vacuum cleaners, but the type you decide to buy will depend on the cleaning needs of your home. Here are some key factors to consider that will ensure you get a reliable one!
Surface type. Look for a vacuum that’s designed for maximum performance on the type of surface you plan to use it. For example, if your home consists mostly of carpeting, an upright vacuum cleaner is ideal since it usually has a powerful motor that will help to pick up debris from the carpet. Also, if you’re a pet owner, an upright tends to be the most effective because the built-in motorized brush head helps to better pull fur away from the fibres of the carpet. On the other hand, a canister model is well-suited for homes with bare floors since dirt and debris are picked up by the vacuum head without the need of an electric-powered brush roller. If you have a home that has both carpeting and bare floors, research different models that are known for being effective on both types of surfaces.
Suction power. This refers to the “pulling” power of a vacuum motor. In order for the vacuum to have good suction power, it needs to have a strong motor. The motor power is usually measured in watts or amps, with most upright cleaners having 7 to 12 amps of power while many canister vacuums are 12 amps. The vacuum motor’s pulling power is of particular importance when cleaning thick and plush carpeting.

Although a vacuum with good suction power is required, airflow is even more important because without it, a vacuum would not be able to pull dirt off the carpet or floor and carry it away. In a vacuum, airflow is usually measured in cubic feet per minute (CFM), and the higher the rating, the more effective the vacuum is in removing dirt from the surface.
Filtration. Many bagless vacuum models tend to have a filtration system, such as HEPA filtration, which can filter out pollen and dust particles. Such vacuum cleaners tend to be more expensive, but may also be worth the cost if you or others who live with you suffer from allergies or asthma.
Level of maintenance. Try to avoid vacuum models that suck up debris through small hoses or sharp bends as objects tend to get easily stuck in these areas and can therefore restrict air flow. Should this happen, you’ll likely have to disassemble the machine or bring it to a technician to have it fixed. Do your research and check consumer reports to find a vacuum cleaner with a reputation for being easy to care for.
A vacuum cleaner can be a pricey purchase so it’s something you would ideally like to have last for several years. As with any major purchase, be sure to test it out and check that the machine has a decent warranty so you’re able to get the support needed should any maintenance be required. Happy cleaning!

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