Christmas 2017: 6 Purr-fect Gift Ideas for Your Four-Legged Friends


Is it really Christmas if you don’t spoil your furry friend? After all, that little ball of fur is part of the family too. That’s why we’ve put together for you 6 gift ideas for that angel of yours, because he deserves a little something special as well.


1. Attitude Shampoo Deodorizing, $12.99 online and at selected retailers.

2. Plush Pet Bed, $24.99 at HomeSense stores.

3. Coach Leather Leash, $125 in stores and online.

4. Cat Tipi Princess Tipi, $104 online.

5. Milk and Pepper T-shirt Enjoy, $35.99 at Puppy Angel Stores, and online.

6. Animalove Small Feeder, $55 online.

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