Christmas 2017 : Gifts for the techie –

Christmas 2017 : Gifts for the techie


Some of the best gifts to give are the ones that are both practical and useful, which is why we love gifting tech accessories! Let’s face it, most of us spend our times on our phones or computers, replying to emails and messages. While it is important to unplug every once in a while, it is equally important to use the right products to maximize our gadgets. Looking for a gift for the techie in your life, or anyone you think could need a little tech-boost? We have you covered!

Kate Spade sleeve

Travelling with a laptop but don’t feel like using a case? We get you! Cases can cause your computer to heat up faster, even though they protect it nicely. The compromise? A quilted sleeve, to make travelling with a computer safer (and trendier).

$99.99 at Best Buy.

Phone camera lenses

These are perfect for short-term travels during which techies want to make the most out of their phones for photos. For beginner or for expert photographers, sometimes a zoom or a fish-eye shot is what you need!

$15.99 on Amazon.

Protocol – VideoDrone AP Drone with Remote Controller

Want to try out the drones experience without breaking the bank? These retail for up to thousands of dollars, but if you’re just looking to have fun and capture images with a friend, try out these lower-cost versions before investing.

$79.99 at Best Buy.

Google Home Mini

Your own personal Google, on the go! Ask it for help, from your schedule to your reminders, and never forget a thing again. Get this for that friend who’s always on-the-go, and who could need an extra hand – or voice?

$39 at Walmart.

Fujifilm Instax Mini Instax Share Printer

The techie in your life will definitely like this if she also likes making memories. This is the perfect mix of a polaroid camera’s indexicality and the practicality of a phone! All you need is an app and the film, and you’re set.

$229.95 on Nordstrom Rack. Back Me Up! Mobile Charger

 A portable charger is the most useful gear – I promise! We’re always texting, sending emails, or on Instagram (guilty), and our batteries aren’t made to last that long, especially with the weather getting colder. This one’s compact and très cute!

$35 at Indigo.

Lumee Case

The Lumee cases have been around for a while (since the selfie became popular!), but their cases have been constantly changing to adapt to newer phones. The downside is that these cases are bulky, but they protect your phone very well (and stylishly), while giving you the lighting you need.

$69.95 USD online.


We could not wrap our heads around this concept for the longest time until we gave it a try. Verdict? They’re pretty fantastic! Especially if you have a larger phone, these allow you to hold onto your mobile better, avoiding a drop. The array of colors match every phone and case there is out there!

$17.95 at Indigo.

Amazon Echo

This little gadget is perfect for music lovers out there! The speakers are extremely performant and the sound reach goes around the entire room. You can even control it with your own voice!

$99.99 on Amazon.







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