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If you are a fan of all-inclusive trips, you most likely have considered visiting one of Club Med’s destinations. Here in Quebec, we call their employees G.O. This expression comes from the Club Med itself, where their employees are called Gentils Organisateurs (yup!). Last December, I got to visit the Punta Cana Club Med destination in the Dominican Republic. I was there for the opening of the magnificent Zen Oasis, but also got to enjoy myself a few days in the French resort. Here are the best parts of the trip.


First, the Zen Oasis
I simply cannot talk about Punta Cana without mentioning this recently opened destination. Founded at the end of 2015, the Zen Oasis is a new part of the Club Med already existing that is destined to adult clients only. Everything about this place is dreamy – and I’m not exaggerating. The main pool is huge and pleasant to lounge at. Because there aren’t any children, it is easy to relax while drinking healthy smoothies -the bar offers healthy drinks and juices- and admiring the lovely tropical decor. The bedrooms are also modern and well decorated. We loved the huge counterspace of the bathroom, the 2-in-1 shower and glass bath as well as the Bluetooth powered loudspeakers. A true paradise for lovers! A feeling of isolation was felt when we arrived, which is definitely a surprise when visiting a touristic destination as popular as Punta Cana.


Moving while travelling
All the Club Med resorts offer various activities such as golf, spa, or ski. While Europe destinations are known for their ski (like in the French Alps for example), here, we focus on sunny destinations. Here is where the G.O.’s job is really important, because they are the ones entertaining the customers by suggesting activities. The Punta Cana resort offers something even more special, actually : CREACTIVE. CREACTIVE is only found at the Punta Cana resort at the moment, and has partnered up with Le Cirque du Soleil. There are installations that let you test trampolines, trapezes, bungee jumping and more. Circus professionals are there to teach and watch over kids and adults who want to try. Professionals also put on shows once a week, to show you what you can achieve during your free time – and to impress us a bit! The show is, all jokes aside, very impressive.


There is no way anyone could go on a trip without wanting to relax a bit. Most travellers like to go to the resort spa at least once during their trip, but the Club Med Punta Cana resort will make you want to go a little bit more often. A partner of L’OCCITANE, the spa offers treatments with a view on the beach, tandem massages, a fresh water pool as well as a zen relaxing area. The spa is definitely worth a visit, and I recommend taking an extra half-day before or after the treatment to take advantage of the amazing installations found at the spa.


Visiting a Clud Med means to enter a world of pure charm and relaxation. Although I’d like to see more restaurants in the area (around 3 at Punta Cana), the site itself is perfect for travellers. The flexibility of the installations allow families and couples to get their mind off things. Now, if the idea of going somewhere hot interests you, I suggest that you take a look at some of the Maldives Club Med pictures, they are breathtaking!

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