Cocooning essentials that don’t suck + our picks


By now, we’re all aware that a good cocooning session involves blankets, Netflix, warm tea or coffee, and rainy weather. If cocooning is synonymous with staying in bed to you, I have news –you’re missing out! Cozying it up at home doesn’t have to mean hibernating in bed (although it could, I’m guilty of that), and it especially doesn’t have to feel unproductive. Here are our best tips for turning a cocooning session into more than just a nap, but awake (unless that’s what you want).

Body oils and scrubs

You can skip this step if you’ve already mastered the skincare routine, or add it to your current skincare routine if you’re just getting started. Body oils are especially nice in the colder weather because it keeps your skin moisturized naturally and relaxes the body gently. After all, what’s a cozy night in if you’re not relaxed to begin with?

Our pick:

Soap & Glory Smoothie Star Breakfast Scrub, $18 at Shoppers Drug Mart.


This is where the ‘productivity’ kicks in. Taking time off for a mani/pedi will keep you busy and allow you to watch your favorite show at the same time. Start with hand and cuticle cream, then apply a nice base coat (they make all the difference, trust us!), and whichever mani look you’re dying to try. Doing your nails is more relaxing than you think, and when else do you get to pamper yourself?

Our picks:

Soi-Bio Hand Repair Cream, $18 online.

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel nail polish in 159 Spice Age, $9.97 online and in drugstores.


Nothing better to bring a group of people together for a relaxing night of chatter than a puzzle. Whether you prefer the thousands of pieces or the uniquely shaped ones, puzzles are by far a better way to engage in conversation than board games. They don’t take away from the conversation but you also get to do something as a group.

Our pick:

Aurora Borealis 1000 pc Puzzle, $19.95 at Indigo.

The right throw

The material of a throw blanket is a game-changer, and as pretty as the inexpensive are, it is always better to invest in nicer throws in the long run. We recommend getting smaller ones, because you can bring them around the house and use them as more than a blanket!

Our pick:

Pom-pom Colourblock Knit Sherpa Throw in Red, $79.50 at Indigo.

Alright, hot chocolate

We were planning on leaving the hot chocolate out but what would a cocooning session be without everyone’s favorite winter drink. Instead, turn it into a baking session! Many recipes involve hot cocoa powder, and it’s a great way to spend time with loved ones – plus the sweet reward.

Our pick:

Cacao 70 Sesame Hot Cocoa Powder, prices vary.


Sweet or salty

We can’t possibly forget the snacks! The perfect pairing for a good movie or TV show is the one you can munch on. If you tend to feel bloated but like to continually munch on something, lighter and crunchy snacks make up for better pairings than decadent sweets.

Our pick:

President’s Choice Sweet & Heat Popcorn, $2.99 in supermarkets.

Sheet masks

Another obvious essential is the sheet masks. We’ve talked about them a lot in the past, but that’s because we can’t get enough of them! From high-end brand ones to everyday inexpensive ones, there’s one on the market for each and every one of us, and again, you can always do something else while pampering your face!

Our pick:

For Beloved One Extreme Hydration Bio-Cellulose Mask 3pcs, $63 at Sephora




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