Colombre is THE Hair Craze of Summer 2015


The hair that launched a thousand Instas
The blonde versus brunette rivalry is one of the longest-standing superficial feuds in human history. Betty and Veronica have been fighting for longer than Pepsi and Coke. However, a truce has been negotiated by the mediating power of unusually coloured hair, which currently reigns supreme over all the other hair trends with a rainbow hued fist. There’s no shortage to different colour combos, and each emerging sub-style is more innovative and trendy than the last. The latest (and quite possibly greatest) variation on the theme is colombré, AKA rainbow ombré tips AKA the greatest synthesis of hairstyles known to Pinterest. Vividly pigmented hair has adapted the “why not both” mantra, meaning it’s time to upgrade your ombré to feature all the colours of the wind.

why not both

Avoid salon bills that make you want to curl up and dye
The downside to technicolour hair is that it basically means you have to take up residency in the hair salon, and rent ain’t cheap. The good news is that we have the technology to overcome these obstacles. Brands like Revlon have a low-effort, high-reward DIY solution. Revlon nutri color crème is perf for keeping your colour vibrant and your salon bills low.

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Check out these glamorous ladies rocking colombré for some inspiration if you’re not sold!

1. Feral Creature: The current queen of colourful hair, urban legend has it that Feral Creature invented the trend. The Christopher COLOMBRÉ-ous of edgy beauty styles, her vivid locks are daring, inspirational, and unique.

Adrienne Lucina: The gentle shade shift on this bombshell looks so natural and low key. Definitive proof that the infamous rivalry is over. Why fight about the respective merits of blondes or brunettes when you could channel that energy into something productive, like dying your hair 50 shades of pastel pink?

3. Soothingsista: Where do I even begin to explain how awed and envious I am of her hair? She looks like a nocturnal mermaid who partied too hard one night and swapped her tail for legs then spent the morning after stumbling along the beach trying to find a pitcher of mimosas and some explanations. Am-ah-zing!

4. Kylie Jenner: Kyle’s known for rocking a variety of colourful hairstyles, and we’re loving this subtle grey colombré that’s perfect for fall or winter.  

Une photo publiée par King Kylie (@kyliejenner) le

What do you think? Are you gonna try out some colombre?

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