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Còsagach, the new ‘Hygge’?


Remember Hygge? The Danish word for coziness and relaxation, pronounced hoo-gah, by the way, that became an international trend rapidly? Unsurprisingly! Denmark, alongside other Scandinavian countries, holds the title of ‘happiest country’ in the world, hence why everyone was giving this Hygge trend a go. In 2018, however, new cocooning trends are slowly emerging, and we’re always willing to try out  new ways to relax! So, meet the Scottish version of Hygge, Còsagach.

Apparently, winter is the perfect time to ‘practice’ Còsagach (kaw-sa-gough), as it essentially promotes self-care and relaxation, especially in the colder seasons. For example, instead of letting the snowstorms outside get to you, enjoy a warm drink and cozy socks next to your fireplace and listen to the storm, while curled up with a nice book. Ultimately, Còsagach asks you to look at seemingly inconvenient situations from another angle!

Just like Hygge, Còsagach encourages simplicity, warmth, and coziness. Embrace nature with weekend getaways or walks in the park! It’s all about cutting yourself off from the big city every once in a while to restore peace of mind. Other tips include warm blankets, warm drinks, and opting for intimate get-togethers as opposed to big crowds. Basically, it’s just saying that you shouldn’t feel guilty for wanting to take time off for yourself and step away from the craziness once in a while, especially in the winter!

Will you try this out?

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