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Dark Circles: Causes + Solutions



Beyond a lack of sleep

The skin around the eyes is thin; so thin that you can see the blood vessels underneath it. As you probably may have already surmised, not all women are created equal when it comes to this problem. Some can party all night without their eyes betraying them the next day, while others will have dark circles even after a good night’s sleep. Just what are the factors that cause the appearance of these undesirable circles and, most importantly, how can we get rid of them? Here are a few answers (and solutions!) below.

It’s in the genes
Does your mother or father have a rather pale complexion, or have they always had dark circles under their eyes? You’re definitely not in luck, as you’ll have more difficulty avoiding those pesky skin marks. Fine skin, which makes blood vessels more visible, is hereditary. Plus, your skin will most likely get thinner with time, and the skin around your eyes will become more sensitive.

What can you do? Immediately start taking care of this problem area. Hydrating and discipline are the order of the day! Click here to discover our favourite eye creams of the moment.

Congestion and co.
The thinness of the skin isn’t the only culprit. Dark circles are also caused by congested blood vessels, which swell the veins and make them more visible. The latter explains the bluish tint on light skin tones (and that dark hue on darker skin tones), and the overall darker appearance of that area. Poor blood circulation may be caused by circumstances beyond our control, such as  allergies and eczema.

But lifestyle choices also influence blood circulation and skin pallor. Alcohol and drugs, lack of sleep and diet, as well as dehydration and too much caffeine, are all bad habits that influence the severity of dark circles. Take a look at our best tips for adopting a healthy lifestyle.

Operation decongest and conceal
Many eye creams are full of ingredients that brighten up our eyes, like vitamins C and K, or retinol. But despite the advances in the cosmetic industry, old family recipes shouldn’t be tossed aside! For example, the famous trick of placing boiled black or green tea bags, which are then cooled in the refrigerator, over the eyes for 10 minutes, still remains an effective solution.

But let’s be frank: if there was a miracle solution for getting rid of dark circles, we would know about it. That’s why we always have our fave concealer on hand, which is yellow if our circles are bluish or purplish, and a hue lighter than our skin tone if they’re brownish or pronounced. We apply it gently, in thin layers, with a light tap of the finger, starting from the inner corner of the eye to then modulate the intensity outwards, in order for the formula to blend seamlessly with our skin.

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