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Is your due date coming up? So exciting! If you want to enjoy the moment to its fullest—although it’s painful, it’s also beautiful and unforgettable—here are the essentials to have with you on B(for “baby”!)-day. By having these items ready for baby’s arrival, you’ll avoid useless stress once the process has begun: you’ll be reassured to know that everything is ready and that you haven’t forgotten anything. Some women prefer to prepare their bag months in advance, but it’s preferable to wait until the eighth month. That way, you’ll have a good idea of how big your belly is, and you’ll avoid taking things you don’t need. Here are our 11 essentiels to put into your hospital bag.
1. Pyjama and workout clothes
When you come home from the hospital, you certainly won’t want to wear anything tight. Here, “comfortable” is the keyword, so choose loose outfits that will make you feel at ease. Reitmans Hyba Jogger Pants, $40 in stores and online. Reitmans Hyba Hooded Top, $36 in stores and online.

2. Tank tops and nursing bras
Don’t forget these if you’re thinking of breastfeeding your baby: they’ll be your best allies for the upcoming months, as well as being super practical for feeding baby. Thyme Maternité Boheme Nursing Bra, $55 in stores and online.

3. Beach sandals
You’ll thank us for the tip. Wear them to take a shower or leave the hospital if your feet get swollen. If you’re having a winter birth, bring slippers and warm socks instead for when you go home. Astelawien Sandals, $34.99 at Aldo and online.

4. Disposable underwear (or almost)
Your underwear may very well get stained, so don’t forget to bring comfortable, cotton, affordable underwear. Boyleg Panties, 3 for $10 at Ardene and online. 

5. Tunics and nightgowns
To make sure you’re comfortable at night or when you’re moving around the hospital, choose a loose-fitting tunic dress. Two or three should suffice, but remember that they might get stained, so don’t bring your silk nighties! Stripe Tee Dress, $19 at Joe Fresh and online.  

6. Robe
It’ll be useful to cover up when people comme meet the new member of your family, and will also make things easier if you decide to breastfeed. Pink Striped Robe, $39.95 at La Vie en Rose and online. 

2_BABY_COLLAGEYour beauty kit:

1. The basics
Put some shampoo, conditioner, body soap, a toothbrush and toothpaste, deodorant, cotton swabs and makeup remover wipes into a travel bag: everything you’ll need to take the best shower of your life after you’ve given birth. You’ll see: feeling clean and fresh is a wonderful feeling after working so hard for so long. The Gallivanter Clear Bags, $23 for all 3 at Sephora and online. 

2. Lip balm
Because during birth, you’re often not allowed to drink. The hospital air can be very dry, so a good lip balm will be great for avoiding getting chapped lips. eos Mint Lip Balm, $3.99 in pharmacies. 

3. Hair tie, brush and dry shampoo
Nobody wants to have their hair in their face and all tangled up during and after the birth of their child. These will be your best friends. And the dry shampoo? If you can’t take a shower or you just don’t have the energy to, it’ll help you feel cleaner. Claire’s Ponytail Holders, 10 for $3 in stores and online. Goody Vent Hairbrush, $11.97 at Walmart and online. SEPHORA COLLECTION Express Dry Shampoo, $11.50 at Sephora and online. 

4. Lanolin cream
Those who choose to breastfeed will want to put a little tube of lanolin-based cream in their bag. The first times can be hard on your breasts, so you’ll be happy to have it with you. Medela Tender Care Lanolin Cream, $13.99 in pharmacies.

 5. Sanitary napkins or incontinence briefs
You’ll probably lose a lot of blood and fluids after giving birth, so these will be useful. Useful tip: don’t choose the ones with little holes on the inner wall: your stitches might get stuck, which could be painful. Always Extra Heavy Overnight Maxi Pads, $5.99 in pharmacies. 

You’ll also want to put your cell phone and a charger in your bag: you’ll want to keep your family and friends up-to-date! Also don’t forget to bring an atomizer if you’re giving birth in the summer. One last tip: pack snacks for your stay at the hospital, since hospital food isn’t always the most appetizing.

Need a list of essential items for your future newborn? Stay tuned on to find out more!

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