Derek Selby: Cleaning Your Makeup Brushes –

Derek Selby: Cleaning Your Makeup Brushes


Makeup brushes are an investment, but one that is worth it to get professional results. Regular cleaning of a well-made brush will not only extend the life of this essential tool, but also keep it hygienic for your skin by avoiding bacteria transfer. You can use a brush cleaner or regular dish soap to clean your brushes.

Here are the steps to follow:

  • Soak the brush under running water. Always have the brush facing down so the water does not get in the ferrule (the metal part of the brush)
  • Add some brush cleaner, dish soap or shampoo to create lather. Gently massage the brush with your fingers or swirl on a ribbed silicone brush cleaner pad (you can use a silicone trivet or silicone pot holders as well)
  • Rinse under running water until water runs clear
  • A second cleanse may be needed for cream products like foundation, concealer, lipstick etc.
  • Shake out excess water from the brush in the sink
  • Squeeze out excess water in an absorbent towel
  • Reshape the brush and lay flat on a dry towel
  • When the brush is dry (about 12 hours after washing it) fluff the brushes and they are ready to use again

You can store them in a cup or in a makeup bag.  For a quick clean between uses, you can spray a little brush cleaner on a paper towel and sweep the brush on the paper towel to dissolve the makeup.  Try to clean your brushes once a week. If you’re prone to acne or breakouts, clean after each use.

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