Derek Selby: It’s a Magic Wand – The Makeup Brushes You Need Now –

Derek Selby: It’s a Magic Wand – The Makeup Brushes You Need Now


You may not be a trained makeup artist, but with some tips and tricks and the right tools, you can apply your makeup like a pro (well, almost).  It can be confusing knowing which makeup brushes you need and what to look for when you shop for them.  When you have questions about cosmetic application, it’s always a good idea to call in an expert.

Derek Selby, Global Beauty Expert and TV personality, developed Quo brushes back in 2000.  He explained that when he was training to be a makeup artist, you learn how to use a brush but not what makes for a good brush.  That came over time and was key to his success.    If you want to learn what to look for and his recommendations for THE brushes to buy, read on!

  1. Powder Brush – Look for a big fluffy brush with a domed shape to help diffuse loose powders. Derek’s pick: IT Cosmetics Heavenly Luxe Powder Brush #3

IT Cosmetics Heavenly Luxe Powder Brush #3 –

  1. Blush Brush – A domed blush brush is the perfect shape to apply a balanced blush where the colour is more concentrated on the centre of the cheekbone and fades out to create a soft easily blended effect. Derek’s Pick: Clinique Blush Brush

Clinique Blush Brush –

  1. Contour Brush – Smaller than a blush brush, this brush defines cheek contour, jawline and hairline. A domed shape gives a softer blended result. Derek’s Pick: MAC # 109 Synthetic Small Contour Brush

MAC Contour Brush –

  1. Foundation Brush – there are several options out there. A good choice is a basic flat paddle brush. If you use long strokes, you’ll get sheerer coverage while a stippling technique will build coverage in areas that need it. Derek’s Pick: The Estee Lauder Foundation Brush

Estee Lauder Foundation Brush –

  1. Concealer Brush – Look for a firm, flat midsize brush made from synthetic fibre. You want this to transfer as much concealer on the skin as possible. Use a patting motion to get maximum coverage. Derek’s Picks: Sigma F75 Concealer Brush or Anastasia Beverly Hills Brush #18

Sigma F75 Concealer Brush –


ABH Concealer Brush –

  1. Small Angled Brush – Use to apply eyeliner and define eyebrows. You want a brush that is synthetic and firm. Derek’s Pick: Anastasia Beverly Hills Brush #12 is a good choice

ABH Small Angled Brush –

  1. All Over Eyeshadow Brush – A larger brush to lay down a base eyeshadow shade all over the eyelid. Derek’s Pick: MAC #252 Synthetic Large Shader Brush

MAC 252 SE –

  1. Crease Brush – to create depth in the crease of the eyelid you need a tapered brush. Use a windshield washer motion to create this effect. Derek’s Picks: MAC #221 or #224

MAC 221 –

MAC 224

  1. Lip Brush – A firm synthetic brush with a pointed shape is ideal for a lip brush. Derek’s Picks: Sephora Collection Pro Lip Brush #85 or Pro Angled Lip #84

Sephora Collection Lip Pro 84 –

Sephora Collection Lip Pro 85 –

  1. Definer Brush – Use to add depth along the lash line, outer corner or under the brow. Derek’s Pick: MAC #248 Small Eye Shader Brush

MAC 248 Small Eye Shader Brush –

Derek Says:  Remember synthetic brushes are better for liquid products such as foundation and lipstick since they do not hold product, they transfer it.  Natural hair, or a natural synthetic alternative like Natrafil that mimics a natural fibre, are better for powder products since the cuticle deposits them in a controlled way and it gives you more precise release when blending

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