Discover Puressentiel, Tony Parker’s Favourite Brand


Puressentiel: a natural favourite
Last February, I was lucky enough to meet basketball player Tony Parker, who introduced us to Puressentiel, a French label that makes natural health and beauty products. I fell in love with the brand—and Tony! I discovered an intoxicating world.

1_PURESSENTIEHere, it’s brand new, but in Europe, Puressentiel made its way onto drugstore shelves a while ago. The label has been around for 10 years, born from a love of aromatherapy shared by Isabelle and Marc Pacchioni, its founders. These products are all about essential oils, which are found in flowers, bark, fruit and others. Goodbye, synthetic ingredients: here, the proposition is to heal oneself naturally.

3_PURESSENTIEAmong the brand’s offerings, the sports division is quite important… which is where M. Parker comes in. The collection includes a gel ($13.99), roller ($14.99) and balm for muscles and joints. They also work wonders on sore muscles. My beau, who runs marathons and plays hockey, went through my samples in a flash. He has therefore been patiently waiting for the brand to be available here at Jean Coutu pharmacies. As for me, I fell in love with the Rest & Relax Air Spray ($19.99), which you spritz onto your pillow before dozing off to dreamland. I also love the Purifying Air Spray ($19.99). Rather than diffusing a fragrance that temporarily covers cooking smells, the spray purifies the air in your home, offering a feeling of instant cleanliness even when you haven’t spent the day cleaning. The products are really worth discovering: plus, they make you feel better in your own skin and push you to make more eco-friendly choices.

2_PURESSENTIEWhat’s Tony Parker’s take? He was introduced to the brand a long time ago, his mother being a big fan of natural products. Having been raised in that type of environment, the partnership was a natural choice. It’s also important to note that the world’s population is looking more and more towards natural and healthy alternatives when it comes to diet and consumer products. Tony is a fan of the Muscles & Joints Roller, as well as the Heating Patches ($17.99), which he keeps on him during his workouts.

If you want to find out more about aromatherapy, the brand’s founder has written a (French) book on the topic: Aromatherapia, tout sur les huiles essentiellesShe and her husband, who is also the Puressentiel co-founder, are über passionate about aromatherapy, a passion that is highly contagious when you meet them. Hopefully, we can look forward to the entire line being available in Canada soon!

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