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A dinner with friends, a getaway in a romantic city with your beau, seeing your favourite band in concert, experiencing a food festival close to home: life is filled with golden moments. Often times, it’s simply a question of taking the time to appreciate them. Canadian gin label UNGAVA challenges you to share a golden moment you enjoyed with friends or family for a chance to win an awesome personalized experience! The grand prize: a golden experience customized for you and your friends in a cottage with a private chef, jacuzzi, GoPro camera and everything you need to party. Want to participate? Go to the contest page for all the details. Our editorial team also experiences a lot of golden moments: we’ve decided to share a few of them with you.

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“Life is often filled with little surprises, and I experienced a huge one recently. As the picture shows so well, a tiny being is growing in my tummy. And despite the morning sickness, the fatigue and the sudden cravings for weird foods, the beginning of my pregnancy is still a magical moment that really can’t be described. Who knows if I’ll have the chance to experience it again someday? I’m enjoying every second of it.” – Marie-Pier

“This year, I had the opportunity to go visit the head office of an important Swedish brand in Stockholm for work. Travelling for work has always been a special treat for me, a luxury, a passion. Visiting this place in Sweden was so important for the fashion-lover in me that I’ll remember it for the rest of my life.”

– Caroline


“This summer was filled with projects that included a move, various renovations, and multiple visits to the hardware store! And at the moment when I least expected it, my boyfriend said: “I know that with the renovations, we had decided not to travel this summer, but… after all this stress and hard work, why not treat ourselves to a little European getaway?” Uh, I so needed that! They say that the most unexpected adventures often create the best memories. So on that note, feeling carefree and without an itinerary, we put down our brushes, and left our boxes half-unpacked to disconnect from our daily routine. Two weeks to spend together, just he and I, far from everything else. Simply a golden moment!”

– Véronique

This has been made possible thanks to Ungava.

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