Discover Vancouver –

Discover Vancouver

What to see and do on the West Coast
Vancouver is oft-neglected when it comes to vacation destinations, but it is one that deserves of attention. There’s more to it than an Olympic torch and an (albeit gorgeous) mountain landscape. Read on for a few of our favourite spots.
Getting there
Our Vancouver friends have said that the Skytrain, which goes all the way to the airport, is made of win.  Since 2009, it has become easier to come and go from the airport. Note that the route leaving the airport costs $5. So if you’re considering using public transport during your stay, you can purchase a set of public transport tickets at the Pharmasave or 7-Eleven inside the terminal, using a ticket to get you into the city and avoiding the $5 surplus.
Off for an adventure!
When you think Vancouver, you think Whistler. Whether it is February or July, it is worth the visit. Skiing and snowboarding are musts when the weather warrants it, but if you’d like to try something new, check out Ziptreck. This zipline tour crosses suspension bridges and platforms, and lets you explore British Columbia’s natural beauty.
A lil’ city exploring
For a lovely brunch, be sure to stop by Sophie’s Cosmic Café. Aside from its awesome rétro décor, the food is fantastic. Try the Greek-style Eggs Benedict, and be sure to ask for Sophie’s homemade hot sauce! And for all you audiophiles, independent music store Zulu Records is just a couple of steps away.
And for your tummy…
Granville Island is a peninsula where you can find a public market, a children’s store, many artisan vendors, restaurants, as well as a micro-brewery. You can even take a tour and see how the beer is made and also have a taste!
Located in a quiet residential area, you’ll findLe Marché St-George. It is the perfect place for a latté or a flaky croissant, as well as cheeses, sausages, preserves and home-made soap. It is a rare find in Vancouver, a grocery store that is inviting and offers the best products.
The Naam is a vegetarian restaurant that is open 24/7. It provides a quaint ambiance, and there is live music every night between 7 and 10, particularly jazz, blues and folk. A must-try: sesame fries with miso gravy!


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