Dressing Down Your Favorite ‘Fancy’ Pieces


Chances are you have at least one or two items hanging in your closet that you reach for only when certain, ‘dressy’ occasions arise. You know the ones I’m talking about—the LBD that you slip on exclusively for dinner parties or the polished blazer that’s reserved just for important meetings at work. Maybe you feel as though these pieces, while appropriate for some settings, don’t quite fit in with your normal, everyday wardrobe. However, with a few simple changes, you can transform your fancier items into weekend go-tos, getting more mileage out of these often lesser-worn pieces.

Cocktail Dress

The little black dress has long been a must-have for every woman’s wardrobe. And while it’s typically touted as a versatile wear-anywhere solution to our dressing woes, how often do you really find yourself pulling on a cocktail dress when you’re not preparing for an elegant night out? To transition your LBD into a practical piece that can be worn in a wider range of settings, simply incorporate a few casual additions. Glamour suggests adding a belt, a simple, solid-colored cardigan, or a pair of menswear-inspired oxfords to tone down your favorite cocktail dress.


Tweed Jacket

Fashion icon Jackie O may have worn her tweed head-to-toe, but that doesn’t mean you have to, too. Though a tweed jacket and skirt may work well in an office setting, matching separates in this particular fabric seem stuffy when you’re off the clock. To make tweed appropriate for more casual occasions, ditch the skirt and pair the jacket with blue jeans and a basic tee. If this staple isn’t already in your fashion arsenal (a situation that should be remedied immediately!), browse the tweed jacket collection from Lyst to find the perfect one to add to your rotation. The wide variety of different designers highlights the many ways this piece can be styled, from the more conservative to the casual, laid-back look that’s ideal for downtime.


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Fitted Blazer

Much like the tweed jacket, it doesn’t take a lot to dress down your favorite blazer. By far the easiest way to incorporate this piece into a more casual look is by pairing it with denim. A slouchy pair of boyfriend jeans and loose tank top create welcome contrast when worn with a structured blazer. Another way to instantly create a blazer that’s appropriate for casual settings is by rolling up the sleeves. This easy transforming tactic is best done on your not-so expensive blazers, though, as it may cause creasing.

Midi Skirt

Ultra-feminine and on-trend for the season, midi skirts feature a flattering hemline and a variety of styling options. But how can you take the dressy, ladylike vibe of the midi down a couple notches? Simply top your favorite skirt with a chambray button-up or basic T-shirt, loosely tucked. As Cosmopolitan notes, these tops will balance the feminine sweetness of a soft, flowing midi skirt with their relaxed cut and no-fuss fabric. To finish off the look, add a pair of flat shoes (think the big-for-spring mules or classic sneakers) and a leather jacket for a hint of edge.


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