Easter Fun: 5 Activities for Kids



Here are a few fun activities to keep your kids entertained this Easter:

1. Make Easter Greeting Cards and send them to family and friends. It’s simple: all you need are some blank sheets of paper, coloured pencils and markers, finger paint, colourful cardstock, a pair of scissors and some glue. Get your kids to use these items to make Easter themed images like: bunnies, chicks, eggs, flowers, etc.

2. Make Chocolate Eggs. Buy a large chocolate bar (like a Toblerone) and melt it in the microwave or a double-boiler. Pour the melted chocolate into plastic egg moulds—you can find them in most kitchen specialty stores. Place the moulds in the refrigerator to let the chocolate cool. After a few hours, un-mould and devour.

3. Paint Easter Eggs. With a thumbtack or a needle, poke one hole at the top of the egg and one at the bottom. Over a bowl, blow into one of the holes to remove all of the egg’s interior. Delicately rinse the egg and set aside to dry. Help your kids decorate it with markers, paint, glitter, etc.


4. Visit a farm. This will help your kids understand how chickens are born. Plus, they get to spend the day holding and petting soft and fluffy, yellow chicks. You may want to borrow library books on the subject beforehand, to better explain the phenomenon and prepare them for the excursion.

5. Organise an Easter Egg Hunt. Hide a few chocolate eggs in your garden or house—depending on the weather—and ask the children to retrieve them. Have them put all the eggs in a collective pile and divided them equally at the end—you don’t want any arguments or tears about who got more chocolate. If your kids are a little older, incorporate clues and hints to make the hunt more challenging and interesting.

Happy Easter!

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