Easy Holiday Makeup

Top tips from M·A·C Senior Artist, Neil Young
‘Tis that crazy time of year again: the one where parties with colleagues, friends and family abound, but time to go home and prepare does not. If you’re going straight from the office to your next soirée, easily being able to give your makeup some Holiday oomph is a precious time saver. We talked easy tips, key looks and fave products with M·A·C Cosmetics Senior Artist Neil Young. Reap these pearls of wisdom now, and thank us later!
From the desk to the dance floor
Here are Young’s tips for taking your day look up a notch for the Holidays.
Choose products that are creamy. When it’s time to play up your look, products that have a creamy texture are great since they can be applied over anything. “As a makeup artist, I find them so easy to use,” says Young. He suggests using Paint Pots or Paints: “[…] they don’t need so much work for application; it can be with a finger or it can be with one brush, and they don’t tend to fall all over the face.”
Play with light and texture. Young tells us that the easiest way to transform a day look is to use a texture that attracts light to the face and then reflects it away. “So anything that is shimmery, with a little bit of sparkle or pearl to it [works],” says Young.
Go with multi-functional products, i.e. products that can be applied to more than one area of the face. For example, Cream Colour Bases can be swept “on the cheeks, the lips, the eyes—they’re really quick products to use. And again, no fuss,” Young tells us. Paints are also great, according to him, because they come in both colours that are great for daytime and won’t be noticeable on the skin, as well as deeper tones that can be added on top for an evening-appropriate look.
Key Holiday looks
When asked if there is one look he always goes back to for the Holidays, Young turns his attention to the eyes and lips.
“Women naturally gravitate towards an eye makeup for the Holidays because they feel sexier in it and they want to look more sultry. You can play around with a sparkle around the eye,” says Young. “Mineralize Eye Shadows have got a natural sparkle to them and the season’s really about jewel tones and opulent, decadent looking eyes, and mixing jewel tones with black. Most women have got a black eyeliner; it’s a case of just adding another jewel tone to the mix and you’ve got this season’s trend in terms of eye makeup.”
Or on the flipside, Young says you can play up your lips. “You sweep on a red lipstick and you immediately feel sexier and more powerful. It’s like putting on a pair of high heels. It brings a very different inner-confidence to somebody when they’ve swept on a lipstick, and I think it’s a very nice alternative to an eye.”
And if you know how to balance out your textures, Young says there’s no reason you can’t go for a dramatic eye and lip. For example, if you used some shimmer or sparkles on your eyes, try using a lip colour that is matte. Or opt for a slightly softer, matte textured eye with a glossy lip: “that’s the way to wear texture successfully if you want to do both features. It comes down to texture. Always think about texture, think about the quantity of colour you’re using. Start small and build up,” advises Young.

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