3 easy nail art designs to try out this winter


Are your nails feeling a little boring? Whether you like it or not, your nails are one of the part of your body you see the most during the day. From holding your purse to texting, to typing on the computer, they are pretty much always in your field of vision. So, make sure to keep them healthy and easy on the eye. Looking for inspiration? So were we! Take a look at what we found, courtesy of our favorite Instagram bloggers.

Michelle Lee’s simple yet elegant nude and pink design is an easy way to add a pop of color to a neutral overall feel. Feel free to experiment with colors for this one, and make sure that the first layer is completely dry before applying the second color.

You can never go wrong with a matte shade highlighted by glitter on top. The contrast between the shimmers and the dark base is perfect for an elegant event — finish it off with a top coat, of course!


You’re a star! For those who find a nude nail too simple but who don’t like extravagant designs, opting for a glitter polish with bigger pieces rather than a flood of small shimmers may be a good idea. Pick them out and place them with a toothpick for an intricate look!

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