Edible Flower Power


Edible flowers have infultrated Pinterest and are rapidly becoming the trendiest new accesory for cakes, cookies, and salads. Aspiring bakers everywhere have dropped their piping bags with a collective sigh, bid a sad but firm “adieu” to sugar roses, and decided to just go with the real thing. The results are stunning and healthier than their icing counterpart. They were #trending in the 60s and 70s to make meals look fancy, and now they’re making a tasteful (in every sense of the wrod) comeback.

What flowers can I eat?
Before you start munching on your neighbour’s rosebush, you should probably flick through this handy dandy guide that will show you which flowers are edible. Also, be careful of pesticides and other chemicals that are found on flowers, and you shoulnd’t eat any you find on the side of the road. They’re available at your local farmers market and select grocery stores.


Check out these recipes to get Pinspired

Herb and flower salad with hibiscus vinaigrette


Photo: Pinterest


Smoked salmon salad


Photo: Pinterest


Tea sandwiches with edible pansies


Photo: Pinterest

Blueberry vegan cheesecake


Photo: Pinterest


Rose cake


Photo: Pinterest



Brioche Doughnuts with Lilac Sugar


Photo: Pinterest


Angel food cake


Photo: Pinterest


Edible flower ice cubes


Photo: Pinterest

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