Essentials for your winter to spring transitional closet –

Essentials for your winter to spring transitional closet


With the sun finally showing itself, we can finally put away our big sweaters and start wearing lighter and more colorful things. On the other hand, as the last few cold days lay upon us, it’s important to take it slow. That’s why we’ve put for you divinistas a guide of the essentials to have in your wardrobe for the transition from winter to spring:

Everything Denim

Denim is appropriate for all seasons. That’s why no matter what item you choose, whether it’s a denim jacket, a skirt, jeans, or overalls, denim is the perfect essential for a transition between winter and spring. So those who do not have denim in their wardrobe, here is the time to equip yourself!

Heels and socks

Spring is a sign of more sun, as the heat is coming. But, it’s not summer yet, so strolling bare legs with a dress or skirt is not such a good idea. The solution: put on stockings with shoes that are short, with patterns, textures or knee highs. This accessory is perfect to keep you warm a little longer while adding style to your outfit.

Don’t be shy with colors

During winter, we tend to dress more drab with blacks, grays, and neutral colors like brown and beige. The reason for the lack of colors is often because of the lack of sun — and our general mood during this season. Spring is totally the opposite, with nature coming back to life, with plants and flowers coming out. This is the perfect time to add color in your clothes again. Either a simple touch like an accessory or the whole set, don’t be shy to put some color!

Slipdress with a twist

A dress is classically put directly on the body with accessories and nothing else. For the winter-spring transition, we offer you two different ways to wear this slip dress. The first is with a long-sleeved or short-sleeved shirt or a blouse underneath the dress. The second way is with a big wool sweater or a cardigan. The two options give you a different style and allow you to put on your dresses earlier, since these additions will help you stay warm a little longer.

Trench and raincoat

The beginning of spring often means wind and rain to our dismay! That’s why trench coat and raincoats are essential to your transition wardrobe. In addition to being a nice touch to your look, you are being protected from the inclemency that Mother Nature offers us at this time of the year.

Mules, the shoe of choice

Whether they have heels or are flat or open front, the mule is a go-anywhere shoe! It is comfortable and trendy, and there exists a variety of them. The ideal shoe for the season transition.

Play with mixing prints

Prints are always welcome to add depth to your outfit. When we say spring, you think florals as this print is used to give a fresh and spring feel lookl. But, it’s not the only one! You can also mix prints whether it’s stripes, flowers, polka dots, or plaids.

Layers, layers and layers

Two seasons are perfect for playing with layers of clothing: autumn and spring, as the temperature is neither too hot nor too cold. Be generous with your layering! Something like a blouse with a sweater on top and a denim jacket or sweater with a cardigan and a trench coat, here’s what you can do and several other options.

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