Everything You Need to Know about About Glamping


Travelling to the great outdoors is invigorating and is the ideal way to release the stress that comes with too much work and not enough play. Camping used to be a great way for people to forget their day to day routines and be truly in touch with nature. People love to camp, and often, almost everyone can afford to take local and foreign camping trips. However, the surreal nature of the natural wild always comes at a cost, it sacrifices convenience and luxury. With the emerging trend of glamping in the tourist industry, people can get back to nature without having to toughen up or lose the convenience of electricity and on-site entertainment.

One cannot accurately define the term glamping without using the words emerging and contemporary. In fact, some years ago, glamping was not even a word. It is now, and deservedly so. Glamping is simplified and glamourized camping. Camping has always been a darling to all travel enthusiasts despite the inconveniences and hardships that campers have to go through just to enjoy nature. However, we have always found a way to update and innovate existing concepts to make them perform better. Glamping, therefore, came from unintentionally concerted efforts by leisure seekers and leisure providers to rid camping of the negative aspects it once had.

5 Types of Glamping to Look for:

  1. Tours and Excursions
    This type of glamping allows tourists access to transit to maximize that sense of adventure within a limited time. The glampers enjoy a planned planned events, hiking tips, and meals, allowing the time for a true discovery of the destination.
  2. Trailers
    Trailers act as mobile accommodations. They allow glampers to travek comfortably into newer places and experience nature up close. Trailers with luxury facilities are set up to navigate around scenic regions that attract numerous tourists. To experience the same tourist destination in a trailer while other tourists endure the rigors of camping is relaxing, rewarding, and trendy.
  3. Huts and Cottages
    Glampers should consider which travel destination is ideal for them. They should also consider travel with firms that have huts and cottages with the most luxurious amenities within the most scenic, natural locations possible. Huts and cottages give tourists the beauty of a rural setting while still providing the comfort and convenience for tourists to relax, bathe and have access to entertainment facilities.
  4. Tents
    Some glampers prefer to feel as close to nature as possible. They very much prefer traditional camping, but are maybe restricted due to certain allergies or biases about feeling like they are “cheats” for needing certain creature comforts. Such glampers need to stay in tents when they visit the wild. By embracing this more sophisticated style of camping, they gain access to comfortable beds, fresh food, and bathroom facilities without sacrificing their proximity to wildlife.
  5. Tree houses
    Tree houses are the most natural, luxurious settings one can possibly come across in the wild.

Other types of glamping include enjoying the wild while at the comfort and luxury of facilities such as villas, yurts, tipi tepee, cubes and domes, and lodges. Happy glamping everyone!


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