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Exclusive Interview: Maripier Morin, the New Face of Reebok


The beautiful Québec based host, actress and tv personality is one of Reebok’s newest ambassadors in Canada. The kickoff was announced with the arrival of their latest campaign, “Be More Human”, which features other Canadian personalities. “Be More Human” focuses on the fact that all humans can be strong and vulnerable at the same time. divine.ca had the chance to speak with Maripier Morin to find out more about her training routine and her life!

What is your workout routine – is it always the same, or is it tailored to your schedule?

I train in the gym with my coach (Alex Doré), so he decides my training, and yes he adapts everything to my schedule and makes sure that we never do the same thing. I also need to have fun when I work out, otherwise I lose interest. Last year, I boxed and I loved it. It is a sport I’d like to start again soon. I really felt like I was doing a full and intense workout!

Has your husband’s job influenced you to adopt a healthy lifestyle?

(Maripier’s husband is professional hockey player Brandon Prust)

No, not now, because he has been on break for about a year now. He is very active and participates in different sports on a daily basis, so it obviously inspires me to take better care of myself. Sports are, primarily, a way for me to stay healthy, physically and mentally; it’s not just to stay in shape.

Reebok’s new campaign mentions your desire to help young women feel strong and confident. Can you elaborate on where this desire comes from and why you want to get involved at this level?

Since I was young, training has been a part of my life – I have been skating for a long time. The idea of improving your body and having mental and physical balance has always been important to me. I believe that girls must be active to feel their best. Today, we are inundated with beautiful pictures of perfect bodies on Instagram, and this creates self-confidence issues for women of all ages, not just young girls. It is important to move and be healthy, to work on our own self-confidence and well-being.

How do you align your beliefs with Reebok’s values for this program?

The campaign is called Be More Human, and it reminds people that we are not all Wonder Women. I know several young moms in their thirties who have careers and feel guilty when they miss a yoga class. We are human, sometimes we do not have time to train, and that is fine. You have to allow yourself some mistakes. to stop putting pressure on yourself, and try to improve your well-being, above all!

Did social media change you? How do you manage that with your career?

I think Instagram is great and it’s often related to work. I do not let myself become obsessed, so sometimes I won’t post anything, I prefer when it’s organic content. I like to do stories spontaneously, I don’t put pressure on myself. Otherwise, it remains a tool to showcase the content on maripiermorin.comm my website.

You have beautiful skin! What are you doing to take care of it?

I love skincare, I really am a skincare junkie! I have the chance to test a lot of products for the website, and I love to give my true and honest impressions to readers, telling them what I liked, or didn’t like!

You had already told me about a blue light device that you used during an event last year…

Yes! I love testing new gadgets on the market. Otherwise I actually use a blue light device that can be found on Amazon (which is known to be purifying and antibacterial, and promises to restore radiance to the skin).

Which stores do you and your stylist (Patrick Vimbor) like to shop at?

We do a lot of high and low, so we mix high-end items to more affordable fashion. Here, we are fortunate to have SSENSE in Montreal, where we can find beautiful designer items. We also work a lot with Quebec designers like UNTTLD or Denis Gagnon when I’m on TV. We also go to Zara, H&M, and Topshop. We mix styles, and brands!

Finally, how do you dress for the weekend?

Always the same! Seriously, I’m still in jeans and T-shirts. When I love something, I wear it all the time. For example, right now, I’m wearing Topshop jeans that I’ve owned for a year. They are falling into pieces…!

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