Exotic trip to Aruba


Who hasn’t dreamed of visiting the lovely beaches of Aruba? Perfect exotic destination. We often forget that the Caribbean islands are often more accessible than we think. Direct flights are now available starting from Montreal and Toronto through Sunwing Airlines, and the short flight is definitely worth it. Ready for unforgettable vacations? Arrrrriba Aruba!


First, know that the language spoken there is not Spanish, but papiamento, which is a mix of creole, portuguese, english and dutch, inspired by spanish. Dutch is actually one of the official languages of the country. Aruba, although small, is a luxurious and natural paradise that welcomes tourists in need of an exotic escape in the heart of a hot weather. Although there were roughly any hotels in the past, there are many now, including the famous Riu Palace Aruba.


This 4-star hotel is divided into two properties, one for adults only and one for families. The decoration is interesting, recently renovated, and almost all the spacious bedrooms offer a view on the beach. Many restaurants offer varied menus – the Japanese restaurant is a favorite of mine! – and the buffet serves excellent dishes all day long. The shows presented at night are Broadway worthy, and the magnificent bars serve well-thought cocktails. The Riu Hotels are known for their exceptional services, wherever you are.


Now, the beach. Blue, clear and clean. It impossible to not fall in love with its purity and its natural look. Aruba is the ideal destination for aquatic activities, including kayak, tuba, diving, SUP board, and even more. Also, if you take the time to check out the surroundings, take a look at the houses built on the side of the coast. Dreamy!

Foodies are going to be happy to discover the cuisine of the area. The meat comes from Columbia and other South American countries, and the seafood is fished in the area. If you want to try traditional meals all the while visiting a magnificent place on the same occasion, I suggest the restaurant Papiamento. Sweet potato and cinnamon mash, coconut and cari bouillabaisse and giant shrimps will definitely please your tummy.


Finally, it is impossible to visit Aruba without going to discover the city or the island for at least a few hours. It is possible to rent a Jeep and to drive around the desert to go find the oldest chapel in the world. For shopaholics, there is a street with all the best high-end stores, and for nature-freaks, you will fall in love with the Arikok national park. The cacti and the gorgeous views of the desert will charm you. Also, take a look at the old Aruba houses, that have thousands of years of history! NexusTours offer all sorts of good deals if you are interested in these activities.


You have to admit, these images are dreamy. Now that you know what’s good in Aruba, you don’t have a reason not to visit it on your next vacation! You can book your next vacation, including flight, excursions with NexusTours and exclusive hotel selection, through with Signature Vacations.

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