Eyeglasses: 3 Frames, 3 Styles (+ contest)


Glasses are no longer considered only a practical accessory, but also a key element to anyone’s sartorial look, on par with sunglasses. And with the selection of frames that are now available to us, there is definitely a pair out there for everyone. Case in point: the new Retro Luxury Gold collection from Derek Cardigan, which offer frame selections that are truly inspired for summer. Below. we’ve got three frame types, paired with three different summer looks. Which one is your favourite?

Rounded frames


Rounded frames are truly popular. They bring a boho-chic look to any style, and we absolutely love that!


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Cat eye frames


For those of you who prefer a more classic look, cat-eye glasses are perfect. They marry well with a retro outfit, which is great for the office.


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Hipster frames


Those of you who like showing off your more masculine side will adore these boyish frames. Their distinct feature? A more defined shape, a wider or thicker frame… and sometimes all three!


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All glasses are available at clearlycontacts.ca.

Contest: Clearly Contacts wants to give one lucky reader a chance to win a pair of these cuties. Click here to enter!

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