Eyelash Extension Guide: Everything You Need To Know


Longer lashes are on everyone’s minds. Whether you’re born with it or not, anyone can get gorgeous lashes by getting eyelash extensions. They’ll add length and fullness to your natural lashes while minimizing the need to apply mascara and even makeup. Lash extensions are individual lashes that are attached yo your natural lashes. They do not touch the base of your lashes (the skin) but rather they are very close, which means that you do not need to remove them. So, if you want full gorgeous lashes without the hassle keep on reading.

1. Price and Materials

The price for lash extensions can vary depending on where you go. The typical lash bar can cost you around $100 – $200 for your first trip and refills depend on how many lashes have fallen out but usually it’ll cost about $50 – $70. Keep in mind that this depends on your local lash bars, so go out there an shop around and find the best deals.

Most lashes are made from mink or synthetic mink made from polyester. Authentic mink is obtained by brushing the animal and this type is the most natural, however the most expensive and it doesn’t last as long as the synthetic ones. ‘Polish” lashes are known for their black shine and look the least natural looking.

2. Length and Customization

Every lash experience is customizable. This means that the lash technician will fit the lashes to the shape of your eye, what length you want, and how curly you want them. Most salons carry 9 to 15mm but if you want to hit the Goldilocks zone of lashes,10-12 is your best bet.

Once you pick the length, you have to pick how curly you want them to be. A “J” curl is natural and gives you that awake look. While the “C” curl is more dramatic like the letter “C” itself. Also, you can mix and match the curl and you the length to give you the look you’re going for.

 3. Process and Time

First and foremost, you should be lying down, with pads placed over your lower lashes. This will protect your lower lashes from getting the adhesive on them and sticking to your skin or upper lashes. Your eyes should be closed while the lash technician is applying the extensions. Using pointed tweezers, the technician will dip an individual lash into the adhesive and slide it onto your natural lash, approximately one millimeter above the root of your lash.

As you can tell this is a long process. The first appointment should take about 2 hours or more. If it takes less than an hour or the technician makes you sit in an upright position, the they are cutting corners.

4. Results and Upkeep

When you are done, you should be able to comb through the lashes with a clear spoolie and you shouldn’t feel resistance while combing through.

Lash extensions can last up to 4 weeks as they will fall out when your natural lashes fall out. Any oily product such as facial oils and cleansers will breakdown the glue bond, as will rubbing the eye, this may also pull off the natural lash, so be careful. You don’t need to wear mascara over your lash extensions nor do you have to curl them but if you want to wear mascara, then we suggest a water-based mascara, so that it is easier to use.

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