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False Lashes: A Step-By-Step Application Guide



Our instructions for a sexy gaze!

After a number of encounters with ladies who were intimidated by false lashes, we decided to tackle false lash application this month.  False lashes don’t have to be overly dramatic, and come in a number of styles that look incredibly natural. They can easily be cleaned and reused, and can last uncontaminated a lot longer than your tube of mascara. (And they come off much easier!)

Before you begin:

This is one the most important steps; so that a lash style can accommodate everyone, lashes are manufactured with a long seam that may not fit your eye shape, so you may need to trim them. Put the lashes up against your own lash line to determine what size works best for you. If the seam is too long, with a clean pair of scissors, carefully cut in the space along the seam, between the lashes. If in doubt, make a small trim, and hold them up to your lashes again. Better to take the time and do a few small trims than ruin your pretty lashes!

#1: Apply your eye makeup as usual, but skip the mascara. When you’re ready to apply your lashes, remove them carefully from the package one at a time, and avoid pulling them by the tips of the lashes. If the seam seems very straight, you can gently curve it to better suit the contour of your eye.

#2: Too much eyelash adhesive is a bad thing. To avoid this, do not apply the glue directly to the lashes. I like to put a little bit on the back of my hand and gently drag the lash seam through it. You do not need a lot of adhesive, just a thin coating on the seam of the lash. Lash adhesive dries quickly, so be ready to move fast!

#3: Once you have the adhesive on the lashes, apply them directly into the lash line. I usually use my thumb and forefinger to make sure each section goes onto the right spot, and then hold it there for a few seconds to ensure the adhesive has time to grip. If you are uncomfortable using your fingers, or don’t have a steady hand, you can purchase a lash application tool. They’re inexpensive, and can be found at Sephora and other beauty supply stores.

#4: Once the lashes are on, and the glue is dry, I like to use an eyelash curler and occasionally a little bit of mascara. This helps blend the natural and false lashes together.

At the end of the night:

At the end of the evening, when you are ready to remove your lashes, gently pull them away from your eyelid with your thumb and forefinger. Once they’re off, you will be able to gently, with your nails, pull the dry glue off the seam of your lash. Just be careful not to pull on the lashes themselves. If you applied mascara, use makeup remover or soap and warm water to clean it off. Once dry, just pop the lashes back in their package until you are ready to rock them again!

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