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Online shopping is not only gaining popularity on mobile phones, it is also the secret weapon of any real fashionista. Why all shop in the same big chain stores when we can find exclusive and unique items online? Our new favourite online store is great, not only because it is Canadian, but also because it carries some of our favourite brands – the same brands that Beyonce and Reese Whiterspoon love. So? We can say goodbye to customs and outrageous shipping costs, and hello to our favourite designers! Now, we shop on FAMEDROP.

Black Orchid, MinkPink, Sanctuary, Felony Case, BB Dakota… All these brands and so much more are available on the online store FAMEDROP. We love Sanctuary and its classic and fitted items, and we loooove the affordable prices that MinkPink offers, that we’ve never been able to find in stores here. Each item is chosen with great care before being put online, and we also have access to specific information on the item before purchasing it (style, material, cleaning instructions, etc.). Because the store is still fairly new, there is always more and more merchandise added every week. And our online shopping cart is growing as well… Here are some of our favourites of the season.

Cocktail dresses

Galas season is from September to April. Then, there’s the wedding marathon that is in full swing. Wearing the same dress more than once? No way!


9 to 5 in style

Take the blouse-and-pants trend a whole other direction by adopting suede, leather, and baggy cuts.


Rebel belle

Graphic t-shirts and a coffee in one hand, we keep the world updated on our weekends on Instagram, from the brunch to the night out.


Warm and cozy

Treat yourself with a coat that’ll get heads turning by choosing a luxury vegan fur item, or even a Heartloom designer coat.



This article has been made possible thanks to FAMEDROP.

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