Family V-Day Fun –

Family V-Day Fun


Although most people think of Valentine’s Day as a day for couples in love, it’s also a fun day for children. Here are some ideas of how to spend quality time with the ones you love most on February 14th.

Make homemade Valentine’s Day cards
A wonderful activity to do with your children is making Valentine’s Day cards that they can give to friends and family. Visit your local arts and crafts store to stock up on materials. You’ll be sure to find an entire aisle of heart-themed supplies at this time of year. Buy red construction paper, glitter pens, sequins, lace trimming, craft glue and other supplies. Cut the construction paper into heart shapes and let your child decorate them as she likes.

Cook a special Valentine’s Day meal
Who says that a Valentine’s dinner can only be made for two? Prepare a yummy Valentine feast for the whole family to enjoy. If your child has a favourite dish, make it the signature entrée for the evening. Get the kids to help out by having them set up the table and place their homemade Valentine’s cards at each person’s place setting. Instead of dinner, you can also make a special Valentine’s breakfast with heart-shaped pancakes or waffles.

Have a chocolate heart hunt
Just like at Easter, have a candy hunt around the house. Except instead of hiding Easter eggs, have the kids search for foil-wrapped heart-shaped chocolates. You can also attach a special note to each one of them. For example, each message could start with “I love you because…”.

Kids love to bake and it’s extra fun when there’s a theme involved. Make Valentine Sugar Cookies and let your child decorate them with frosting, or bake a Fudgey Valentine Cake. No matter what you decide to bake, give your little one lots of tasks (reading the recipe instructions if they’re old enough, gathering the ingredients, cracking eggs, mixing and decorating). When the final product comes out of the oven, they’ll love the fact that it’s their own creation.


Rent a love-themed family movie
It’s always fun to have a movie night at home! Rent a light-hearted flick that’s fun for all ages. Some of our feel-good family favourites include Ever After, A Cinderella Story and Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown. Be sure to have lots of popcorn and cinnamon hearts on hand for snacking. For an extra special treat, make Valentine Sodas!

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