Fashion: 15 Items to Buy During Winter Sales –

Fashion: 15 Items to Buy During Winter Sales


What could be more exhilarating than getting your hands on fashion items at a good price in the cold of winter when our wardrobe needs a little livening up? If there is one thing to enjoy about winter, it is the sales! Here is what we found online for you. Happy shopping!

1. Hooded Cardigan, $36.99 at La Vie en Rose

2. Karine Black Mock Neck Satin & Lace Blouse, $41 at TOBI


3. Ocayssa Boots at Call it Spring, $56

4. Crop Top, $3.99 at Zara

5. Charlie White Long Sleeve Top, $20 at TOBI

6. Culkin Boots at Call it Spring, $79


7. ‘’Dressed for a Fashion Show’’ T-shirt, $3.99 at Zara

8. Winter Black Dress, $39.95 at RW&CO

9. Sport Bra, $13.47 at Hyba

10. The Darling Yellow Purse, Poppy and Peonies, $49

11. Cable Knit Sweater Dress, $69.95 at RW&CO

12. Winter Parka, $89.97 at Reitmans

13. Oakridge Purse, $34.98 at Aldo

14. Check Print Coat, $178 at Le Château

15. Faux Leather Pants, $24.99 at H&M


*All prices are subject to change

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