Fashion: 3 Perfect #ootd for the Cold Season


It’s official, the temperature has definitely dropped, and the colder weather is amongst us. We’ve even seen the first snow of the season! When the temperature goes below zero, our outfits start to become more and more simple. Chunky sweaters and comfortable jeans become our go-to looks. But there are so many ways to combine style and comfort! All there is to do is to mix and match our clothes and to prioritize the comfortable fabrics. Here are three perfect looks for the season that’ll make the fashionista in you pop out!

1. For the office


Our office trick? Invest in a pair of faux leather leggings. More comfortable than real leather thanks to the spandex, these pants will add a lot of style to your look all the while being appropriate and also comfortable. Styled with a colourful blouse or a printed one (or even both!), simple accessories that’ll make a statement, your chic and effortless outfit is complete! Guaranteed compliments!

2. For happy hour


To go grab a drink, no need to complicate your life. Again, the leggings come in handy. The worn out effect of the legging adds a lot of texture to the outfit, and by adding a sleeveless turtleneck (THE piece of the season), it adds a whole other effect. A simple necklace will finish off the look. You’re now ready to have a great time out with friends!

3. For the weekend


The weekend is no time for sweatpants and hoodies! There’s tons of ways to combine comfort and style, and this outfit is the perfect example. Put on your favourite skinny jeans, a knit sweater and a leather jacket! With a pair of patent leather booties to contrast with the matte jacket, you will make heads turn while you do your groceries, gua-ran-teed!

All the items for these looks were found at Bestseller.

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