Fashion: Autumn Colours


For a joyful fall wardrobe

We say fall is anything but grey and boring, which is why we’ve assembled a slew of fashion pieces showcasing the season’s hottest colours. Items with hues both lively and saturated, they make us fall in love with the cooler temperature.

1. Donnie Jumpsuit, $165 at Aritzia.
2. Wool Blend Jumper, $59.95 at H&M.
3. Midi Skirt, $59.90 at Zara.
4. Structured Handbag, $39.99 at Marshalls.
5. Wool Peacoat, $179.99 at Winners.
6. Ame Felt Hat, $68 at French Connection.
7. Jax Skirt, $110 at Aritzia.
8. New Balance High Roller 501 Monochrome Sneakers, $90 at Simons.
And now for something different…

Tell us: which colour combo do you like best?

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