Fashion Crush: We Love These Cityscape Rings


Photo: My Modern Met

From the iconic Eiffel Tower of Paris to London’s Big Ben, cities all have a little something. Feeling nostalgic about a country you have traveled to? Why not wear an cityscape ring as a memory of your favourite city?

This unique idea comes from Ola Shekhtman who decided to combine her passions; travelling and jewelry. Growing up in Siberia, Shekhtman has always dreamed of seeing the world, which as an adult has included several stops in just a few years; London, Israel and most recently San Francisco!


Photo: My Modern Met

These architectural cityscape rings are simply awesome. As an avid traveler myself, I love discovering new places, especially urban cities.You can also wear it as a proud token of your home city! Some of the cities featured include Berlin, Hong Kong and Amsterdam. We’re still waiting on some Canadian cities…hopefully they’re on their way!

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