Fashion Finds: Over-the-Knee Boots


You have probably seen these around in the last few weeks, and it’s because the over-the-knee boots have definitely been a fashion staple this season. Suede, leather, black, brown… There is a pair for everyone. And if you really want to follow the latest trends, opt for the squared heel and the suede ones, and you’ll really be one of these Instagram queens that have thousands of followers. Need some inspiration on how to wear them? Here are three ways to add these boots to your wardrobe.

With pants

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With pants, anything is permitted. Combining different materials, different colours… Anything is good, have fun with it! Only thing, try to avoid wearing the leather over-the-knee boot with a stiletto heel with light denim pants, the effect isn’t very elegant.

With a fitted dress

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Here’s an exciting way to wear a longer dress. If, on the other side, your dress is short, you can add a pair of tights or nylon socks. Adding a looser item over it, such as a jacket or a vest, will complete the look.

With a loose item

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The effect of a tunic or a circle skirt styled with over-the-knee boots is pretty gorgeous. You can create multiple nice outfits all the while keeping a balance between looser and fitted items. Because your items aren’t as tight, you can get away with wearing a shorter piece!

And because we love online shopping, here are our favourite boots at the moment!

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