Fashion Resolutions for 2014

5 new sartorial habits to adopt this year
With a new year comes a slew of resolutions: eat better, get fit, and unplug, among others. But what of fashion and personal style? Could your sartorial ways use some revision? Time to do away with bad fashion habits, and make room for newness. Below, we’ve got five tips to help you get out of your style rut, once and for all!
Say “bye-bye” to black. While the timeless hue is inarguably a flattering and elegant choice, it’s all too easy and convenient to reach for black clothes all the time. This year, give the sombre hue a break, and go for… a bit of colour? (Gasp!) Yes, emerald, tangerine, crimson, and the like aren’t so bad. And if you’re feeling positively resolute in your commitment to stick to your new year’s resolution, why not be bold and make your first sartorial foray into colourful territory with Radiant Orchid, Pantone’s 2014 Colour of the Year?
From l. to. r.: a look from the Ohne Titel SS14 collection, snakeskin as seen at Michael Kors’ SS14 fashion show, SS14 checkered print maxi skirt at Carolina Herrera.

Be print-tastic! Prints are nothing new, but there’s a reason they remain in vogue season after season. Prints are fresh, stylish, elegant, eye-catching, dazzling, and can easily take an outfit from drab to fab. In 2014, along with colour, dare to add a bit of whimsy to your daily ensembles with decadent florals, fierce leopard, or romantic damask. And have fun pairing prints as well. Just make sure you don’t overdo it!

Live a little. Live a little. Dressing up, much like we did when we were little girls playing house and donning princess costumes, should be fun. Somewhere down the road, as we have gotten older, we’ve forgotten about that, and we’ve let practicality take centre stage. But wasn’t playing dress up so much fun? This year, try to bring the spirit of your youth back by experimenting with fashion. There’s no need to step out in peacock-feathered epaulettes, but taking more fashion risks can’t hurt. It could be as simple as wearing wide-legged trousers instead of always reaching for your skinny jeans, or sporting that fedora that suits you so well but you’ve always been too shy to step out in. C’mon, live a little!Pictured right: a look from the Tracy Reese SS14 collection.Be smart. With catwalk-inspired offerings at bargain prices landing on store shelves mere weeks after the authentic wares were presented down the runway, the pull of fast fashion meccas is stronger than ever. (Zara, we’re looking at you!) We understand: it’s tempting to buy something on trend, and so easily accessible, especially when dressing up feels so good, a feeling we want to replicate as often as possible.
But truth be told, investing in quality, timeless pieces goes a long way, especially given that fast fashion finds are likely to be outdated—and worn out—six months down the road. Not to mention that trendy wares are just that—trendy—and many others (meaning: everyone) are likely to get on the bandwagon. In others words, uniqueness goes out the window. It’s an old, but true prescription: less is more. It’s best to spend sparingly, and to actually save and fork out on a timeless investment piece, one you’ll never tire of, and that will last you for years, even decades, with proper care. Hence, the next time you feel like spending galore at your favourite fast fashion retail shops, take a step back. Start growing a carefully-curated collection of clothes instead, each one picked out after careful consideration. Also, with seasonal markdowns on designer pieces, having a quality, timeless wardrobe isn’t that unfeasible if you think about it.
Wear only what you like. While we may try out different trends, prints, and colours, we can all attest to having a few beloved items on rotation. It’s because they fit so well, and look so good, and make us feel like a million bucks when parading in them. They feel made for us. This year, do make a point to buy more clothes like these. Remain true to yourself, what works, looks good, and most importantly, feels good to you. Here’s to dressing up and having fun!

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