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Find the right Tо̄n


Calling all lipstick junkies, we might have found your new favorite brand. Revolutionary, guaranteed to look good on your skin tone, and natural enough to wear every day, why wouldn’t you love Tо̄n cosmetics?

Tо̄n Cosmetics is a Montreal-based brand founded by two sisters, Vicki and Maria Barillaro. Their goal was to decode the beauty world in order for every lipstick wearer out there to be able to find their perfect shade. The brand currently creates 9 cruelty-free variations of each lipstick color they produce, so that everyone can find their perfect red or nude – the two essential colors every beauty addict should own.

The best part? You don’t have to try on all 9 shades to find the one for you. Tо̄n has an online questionnaire that is specific enough to help you figure out which shade you are, based on questions about your skin tone and vein color (!). From Fair Neutral to Dark Warm to Medium Cool, the many variations ensure that everyone can find a color right for them. The brand has come out with two colors so far, a nude and a red, because, well, those are the shades we all need.

Here in the office, we tried taking the test to see if it would really work, and I have to admit, we were all very pleased with the results. My lipstick complimented my tone really well, which is surprising because I’ve never been able to figure out my undertones. Plus, lipstick colors rarely look good on me, but the nude color I got looked great with a white blouse I wore!

It seems as if Montreal is a really big fan of personalized lipsticks, as a DIY lipstick bar opened pretty recently. If anything, we are blessed to have so many female entrepreneurs who are for a more inclusive makeup industry!

Take the questionnaire here.

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