Five Crazy Hot Dogs


Yummy recipes for your Labour Day camping trip!
Tired of the same old ketchup/mustard/relish trifecta on your campfire hot dog? It’s not hard to modify a flame-cooked wiener. The next time you go camping, try one of Reb Stevenson’s tips for haute dogs.


Pad Thai Dog
– peanut butter
– chopped cilantro
– red chili flakes

Chef’s notes: don’t fear the peanut butter. You’d eat crumbled peanuts on Pad Thai, so why not in paste form on a hot dog?


Chien Chaud Parisien
– tube of Pillsbury crescent roll dough

Chef’s notes: wrap a triangle of dough around the raw dog. Do not hold it too close the flame – patience is required to cook this guy and you don’t want to incinerate the meat before the dough is cooked through.


Hot Dog Salad
– pre-washed lettuce
– pre-washed coleslaw mix
– cherry tomatoes
– pickles
– a mustard-flavoured dressing

Chef’s notes: Cook the hot dog as usual and chop it up. Very relieving during a multi-day camping trip when marshmallow consumption tops vegetable intake.


Sushi Dog
– sliced avocado
– wasabi mayo
– seaweed flakes

Chef’s notes: make the wasabi mayo in advance by mixing wasabi paste with mayo. But make sure you keep it well-chilled in your cooler. Food poisoning and tents do not mix!


Bacon Cheese Fat Bomb Dog
– bacon
– processed cheese

Chef’s notes: make sure the hot dog is completely mummified by the bacon, or the ends will burn before the bacon crisps up. If it’s properly encased, you can actually hold it right in the flame and watch the grease dripping furiously into the fire.


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