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Fragrance for Him: Nautica Life


Escape in a bottle
Nautica is launching its new fragrance for men, Nautica Life. The juice reflects the brand’s nautical heritage, like the ones that precede it. But this time, the fragrance is particularly invigorating. And have you seen the bottle with the surprising boat rope embellishment? Simply splendid!

Here, we’re taken on a (metaphorical) boat trip within a saline current, a fragrance panorama diffused with a previously unseen blend of sea salt. We were lucky enough to be able to chat with Nautica Life’s perfumer, Yves Cassar, who shared the secrets behind this fresh eau de parfum with us.

What makes you most proud about this fragrance?
“The possibility of integrating new products. The sea salt blend has never been seen before: it’s an effect that was created specifically for this fragrance. We had to do a lot of tests, and it was certainly the biggest challenge during its creation.”

How can one recognize Nautica’s signature?
“When the fragrance is worn, you’ll say ‘Ah, that’s Nautica!’ thanks to a combination that happens in the air. And the perfumer is not the master of that. We create our own blend and then, it’s important to use scientific data so that it spreads optimally. Let’s say it’s about art, and then about technique.”

The fragrance is being launched for fall, but strongly evokes summer…
“The promo images are what recall summer. The fragrance expresses an emotion. For example, for one person, it’ll be about the memory of spending the summer on a boat with a friend. After that, it can be worn at all times. It brings back the memory of a nice experience.”

How would you describe the fragrance using three words?
“Airy freshness with a sensual background, because of its musky, woodsy side.”

An eau de parfum for gentlemen?
“Exactly, for gentlemen!”

Do men choose fragrances differently than women?
“In the past, it was rather said that women always bought their man’s fragrance. The men are maybe not as comfortable choosing a fragrance at the counter.”

What do you personally look for when choosing a fragrance?
“I want it to be private. I think youngsters are rather looking to be part of a group; so even if they’re all wearing the same fragrance, they are comfortable with that. When you get older, I think you start wanting more of an individual identity.”

Nautica Life is available starting in August at the price of $60 (50mL( and $75 (100mL) in pharmacies and mass retailers.

Tell us: how do you choose your fragrance? And what about your man?

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