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3 recipes to try with sparkling water!


From lighter jackets to colorful sceneries, we’re all for spring and its charms. Even though it may take a while before the spring of our dreams actually settles, we are definitely starting to prep for the upcoming warmer seasons. Eager to get a taste of spring (literally)? We have some cocktail ideas for you!

We already told you about Sodastream, the machine that does sparkling water at home, but now, Glacéau just launched a new sparkling drink that might be the drink this summer: fruitwater. Fruity, light, and refreshing, this low-calorie fizzy drink is all you’ll need for your flavorful cocktails and mocktails this season. The perfect healthy alternative to your soda cravings, this sparkling drink comes in three different unique and exotic flavors – chosen by the public.

Full of B3, B5, and B6 vitamins and flavored with 5% real juice, these drinks are only 40 calories per 500ml, and 25 calories per can. They’re great substitutes for the sugary drinks you like in your cocktails, and can also be enjoyed on their own. After all, what’s more refreshing than a sparkling drink on a warm sunny day.

Coca-Cola Canada, the masterminds behind this new drink, has also pledged to give back to the planet. For every liter they use in the production of their products, they are determined to give it back to nature. Founded in 1906, the brand is known for its innovative ideas and heritage. With a team of hardworking employees (who often volunteer at the Club des Petits Déjeuners here in Montreal!) and an open mindset, we’re excited to see what other new products they create.

To celebrate the release of the three new flavors, we found some cocktail ideas you can try out with sparkling water. Our favorite? The Pina Colada!

Pineapple and Passionfruit Pina Colada

Black Cherry Vanilla Sangria

Peach Mango Martini

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