Get Healthy with the Activia Challenge


Get Healthy with the Activia Challenge

Spring is in full-swing, and with summer on its way, it’s time to start thinking of our body health. Not only in terms of appearance—although getting our body bikini-ready is a priority—but on the inside, too. Staying healthy may seem like a difficult endeavour, but we swear, it can be as easy as the following the four simple steps below.

3_ACTIVIAExercise daily. Yes, we said every day. No, this doesn’t mean hitting the gym all week. While doing a sport or activity—a turn on the elliptical, going for a run, or playing soccer—is recommended a few times per week, go the extra mile by squeezing in a 20-minute walk every day. Maybe it’s skipping the bus and walking home from work, or going for a post-dinner stroll now that the weather has warmed.

Get enough sleep. Enjoying the proper amount of sleep every night—about 7-8 hours—is key to your body functioning properly, as well as your mind. A lack of sleep can also lead to the likes of irritability, affecting your immune system, an inability to focus, as well as weight gain. (Yep, you read that right.) So next time you decide to run on just coffee and adrenaline, we suggest taking a step back and revisiting your sleeping habits.

Drink more water. Hydration is imperative, and consuming water daily (about 8 glasses) boasts many health benefits. Improved digestion, increased energy, clear skin and a boost to the immune system are just a few ways this essential elixir will be your ultimate ally to better health.

Eat well. Many people think being healthy and losing weight is as simple as burning the calories we consume. It has long been proven that that’s not the case; a well-balanced lifestyle is key to maintaining a healthy weight, opting for healthier food choices, including snacks that are low-in-fat and rich in probiotics, such as Activia products. And of course, the occasional cheat day is recommended; all in moderation, after all!

There are still two weeks left to sign up for the Activia Challenge! It’s a four-week challenge, prompting you to enjoy two packs of Activia yogurt every day to get your daily dose of probiotics. What’s more, you can win great prizes, such as a 16 GB tablet or a luxury getaway at a Fairmont Hotels & Resorts property.

Click here to take on the challenge!

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