Get Motivated at the Office –

Get Motivated at the Office

4 tips from an expert
Are you currently feeling overwhelmed at work? With your nose glued to your computer screen, it may not be easy to find your motivation while at the office. Take a few minutes and relax: we spoke with Martin Latulippe, team mobilization specialist and president of Centre du Team Building in Montreal. Consider the following questions to help you see some light at the end of the tunnel!
Do you tend to want to do everything on your own?
“When you’re up to your ears in work and you realize it, a feeling of powerlessness occurs,” says the expert. Many thus have the reflex to try and remain in charge of it all, but do so with the risk of burning out. So remember to delegate tasks. You’ll save yourself time and energy, and your productivity will benefit from it. As Latulippe reminds us, “we achieve more as a team.”
How well do you know your colleagues?
First, consider the performance aspect of this; it may seem unrelated at first, yet it is actually an important factor. “The more you know about the resources (including people) that surround you, the more they will help you move forward with your work.” But there are also the personal benefits to take note of, as well. “By opening up to others, you become more easily recognized by your peers.” You open up to your new friends, and will receive that (metaphorical) pat on the back that will act as a great motivation booster.
Do you know your strengths and weaknesses among your colleagues?
“By positioning yourself and finding your purpose, it will become easier to maintain open communication,” says Latulippe. “Positive team spirit also means better communication, which avoids anguish and brings lightness to your performance at work.” And, ultimately, this sense of awareness will help increase your sense of belonging in the workplace.
How long do your lunch breaks last?
“Time becomes an investment in one’s quest to do well at work.” It is therefore important to break any isolation, to get involved and feel engaged. This will “get you motivated and you’ll enjoy coming into work, and not be crying out for Friday when it is only Monday!”

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